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如果可以的話,幫我美化句子或造類似的語句也可以 盡量口語化


I'm a nursing college student.In a stereotype,most nursing are girls. So,we have fifty girls in my class.When I a freshman ,I'm surprise that we have three tomboys.But ,I don't have a different way to get along with them.Recently,my friend falls in love with one of them.

I don't always eat breakfast


還是 我不一定每次都有吃早餐



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    I'm a nursing college student. Traditionally, majority of the nursing students are girls. So, we have there are fifty girls in my class. When I was a freshman, I'm surprised that we got three tomboys. But I don't have a different way to get along with them. Recently,my friend falls in love with one of them.

    "tomboy" means a girl who exhibits characteristics or behaviors considered typical of the gender role of a boy. Unless, you do mean so, otherwise, "3 tomboys" are still "3 girls".

    Also, I assume you are no longer a freshmen, so I use "When I was ...".

    "I don't always eat breakfast" means "我並不總是吃早餐"

    "I always don't eat breakfast" means "我從不吃早餐"


    The best way is "it depends".

    Other possible answers are "not sure", "uncertain", "not necessarily so" ... and so on. Personally, I think these are NOT good response, because it can be confusing to use these words. For example:

    If someone ask you "do you always have breakfast?", and you answer "I am not sure". Don't think, it is weird, because whether you have eaten breakfast is black and white question, and you answer I am not sure. Therefore, if you mean "不一定", it is better to use "it depends", because you can say:

    It depends (whether I have time)

    It depends (whether I like it)

    I may not have breakfast, it depends ...

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    If you don't want to provide reason for "不一定", then "it is not necessarily so" is also a good answer

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    I'm surprised ... ==> I was surprised ... (for tense consistence)

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