Who's better John Stamos OR Jonathan Taylor Thomas aka (J.T.T)?

who looked better back then and who looks good NOW?

ok BOTH of them were in magazines like CRAZY!!

Jonathan Taylor Thomas - from Home Improvement - played Randy Taylor

Jonathan Probably would also be known as that like John is - if he actually didn't quit acting and even if he did get back in to it - its to late now

John Stamos - Full House - star - played classic Uncle Jesse and known as a sex symbol back than n still is to this day

which one do you like OR did like the most or still do?

Picture 1 Jonathan Taylor Thomas - back then


John Stamos back then


John Stamos Now


Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Now


ok for me its I think John Stamos looks good in both back and and still looks great now

Jonathan did look cute back then actually he was the cutest iv ever seen in my life of all kids that is

as far as how he is today - I'm not so sure of - BUT either way I still adore both of them know matter how they look - I personally just seem to love for who they r and they way they both act - there both SO good at it and they both know where to hit the jokes on TV

but thats me


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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    John Stamos gets my vote for being the best looking years ago and being the best looking now.

  • 4 years ago

    My room grow to be plastered together with his posters! i grow to be in kiddie love! lol he continues to be extremely lovable from what i've got seen of him the previous few years....yet i'm over the overwhelm he's all yours in case you nevertheless like him

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