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Hotels near Vancouver International Airport?

I am flying out to Vancouver in August to study for a year and my flight arrives at night so I will have to find a hotel to stay in over night until I can move into residence at the uni, I'm wondering if anyone can let me know of any hotels near Vancouver International Airport? As near as possible to the airport please or if there is any hotels actually in the airport?

Many thanks.

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    There's only one hotel at the airport: Fairmont Vancouver Airport. Since it's literally in the airport, it'll cost more than hotels outside the airport.

    Since all the Richmond hotels (that's the city the Vancouver airport is actually in even though it's called the Vancouver airport) offer FREE shuttle service and it's always cheaper than the Fairmont, you might want those instead.

    Delta Vancouver Airport:






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    The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel is located in the Vancouver International Airport however it is quite expensive. There are a number of hotels in Richmond, BC located close to the airport and many offer shuttle buses between the airport and their location. I am not sure what your budget is but I suggest you take a look at a site such as for hotels in Richmond, BC. This should give you an excellent idea of what is there and the approximate costs of accommodation. I often use this site as a guide then do a bit of further online research before booking a hotel.

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    There is a hotel right in the airport, the Fairmont Vancouver Airport, and there are many nearby. Most of them have a shuttle service between the hotel and the airport. Just google "hotels vancouver airport" and there will be lots to choose from. They're all okay to stay in.

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    There are loads of hotels near the airport.

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    Front Desk check-in service:

    Residence Front Desks are open 24-hour. Early arrivals can check in at residence front desks as follows:

    Place Vanier Residence, 1935 Lower Mall.

    Tel. 604.822.2642

    Totem Park Residence, 2525 West Mall.

    Tel. 604.822.3304

    Ritsumeikan-UBC House (residents check-in at Totem Park Residence at 2525 West Mall)

    Tel. 604.822.3304

    Walter Gage Residence, 5959 Student Union Blvd.

    Tel. 604.822.1020

    Fairview Crescent Residence, 2707 Tennis Crescent.

    Tel. 604.822.3172

    Marine Drive Residence, 2205 Lower Mall,

    Tel. 604.827.3242

    St. John College (residents check-in at Marine Drive Residence at 2205 Lower Mall.)

    Tel. 604 827 3242.

    Green College, 6201 Cecil Green Park Road.

    Tel. 604 822 6067.

    You did not say which University at UBC you can check in direct from the Airport no need to get a hotel.for the night.

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