How much money do I need to vist all 48 contenintal states in the USA?

I'm going on road trip in a RV with my best friend when we graduate highschool. How much money will we need for gas, food, and possible RV repairs if something goes wrong?

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    9 years ago
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    Plan a route that takes you to all 48 states and goes to all the things you want to see. That will tell you how far you will drive. A little math, the MPG your RV gets, and the likely price of gasoline will give you your gas cost. The route you pick will also determine what tolls you will pay.

    Then figure out how much time you want to spend seeing those places, and how much time to drive between them. That will give you the number of meals you will need. Do you plan to cook, eat a lot of sandwiches, eat fast food, or eat fine dining? The number of days will also tell you how many nights you will need to pay for an RV park.

    Learn how to check all the fluids on your RV, and check them first thing every morning on your trip. You can keep little problems from becoming big problems if you catch them early. The total miles will tell you what routine maintenance you will need to perform during the trip.

    Figure out what incidentals you will need. Laundry. Admission fees. Souvenirs. Have a little extra for contingencies.

    To make the trip really memorable, and not just a driving marathon, spend enough time to see the places you pass. Here are a few things you can do in every state to say you did more than just drive across it:

    1) visit the state capital, and tour the capitol building.

    2) spend at least one night sleeping in each state.

    3) go on a 10 km walk in each state. You can find some at

    Don't forget the District of Columbia.

    Have fun.

  • 9 years ago

    RV's are a great way to travel! My family rented them twice on vacations. Their gas mileage, though, gets expensive. We figured that renting an RV, buying gas, and paying the $10 or $20 nightly charge for camping cost about the same as renting a car and staying at a cheap hotel room. But it was a lot more flexible.

    The problem with visiting all 48 states at once is that if you want to do anything more than just drive through them, it will take a very, very long time (at least 6 months IMO, and that's still a quick drive). You're better off just picking one region and seeing all the cool things in that area. There's enough to do EVERYWHERE in this great country that you don't have to see it all at once.

    So to answer your question, it's been awhile since we did it, but I'd guess about $300/day, not counting food and tickets to tourist attractions. Purely guess work though; I'm sure you could do the math better on your own just by calling up a rental site.

    Another thing: if you're thinking of renting an RV or a hotel room, most places require you to be 25. My brother and I were able to get a hotel room once when we were 19 and 20 by having our Mom call the hotel and book it for us, but I wouldn't count on that everywhere.

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