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Do you believe in the alien ant farm theory?

Humans did not evolve from apes as Charles Darwin theorized. While it is true humans share some genetics with them, the origins of mankind took place light years away in outer space. Humans may be the most evolved species on Earth - but what about the universe? The Ancient Egyptians' knowledge of engineering and science is evidence that Earth is like an ant farm; advanced beings planted us here as an experiment. What else can explain the Egyptians' advanced knowledge? Their land was primitive and cannibalistic before their empire took place.

It is likely that the aliens planted apes as well, to confuse us about our origins. The first people who lived on Earth had no scientific knowledge. Perhaps on a planet far away the cave-dwellers still exist, while their cousins (mankind) evolved. Earth is a planet favorable for great evolution. It is possible that religious scribes believed in our alien masters, and because alien life was controversial, they invented the story of God.

As our population grows out of control and resources are overconsumed, it is likely the aliens will be back. Is that a metaphor of the second-coming of the Messiah?

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    Honestly no i don't think that we were put here to be aliens slaves were not to advanced seeing that the human race isn't exactly perfect or anything like that if it was a test to see if were right to be slaves why make it were no ones death is a fixed number and think of child birth for example when your born you know no nothing of this world but as you get older you know how to do simple things like walking talking

    and so on if aliens were really advanced they would keep us there and train us to be their slaves not toss us onto a planet like this its not that smart of an idea i mean why hope for good results if you can just shape human minds into what you want from birth

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    No (in fact, there is no such thing as a real scientific "alien ant farm theory" -- as a theory, the idea would not last more than a few minutes).

    We have known for some time that humans and apes evolved from a common hominid ancestor. Therefore, we have known that humans did not evolve from apes.

    Humans do a lot more than "share some genetics". The genetic evidence makes it quite clear that our origins were on Earth.

    The Egyptian's knowledge of engineering and science is evidence that humans have NOT evolved that much in a few thousand years (but that too has been known for a while). We are still, basically, the same humans we were roughly 10,000 years ago, when we invented warfare and the gods needed to justify our desire to kill.

    Your "understanding" of proto-Egyptians seems to come from fiction books.

    The rest of your diatribe gets less and less logical.

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    I think that Zacharia Sitchin was on to a good idea. That Man was created by aliens in genetic labs using a mix of their own DNA and that of apes. The purpose of this was so that Man would be a slave to operate the gold mines and other type mines. This gold would then be transported back to their own planet which apparently was a rogue planet placed in temporary orbit around the Sun. Thus Man would come to regard the aliens as gods - from whence our own modern socio-rel;igious ideas were born.

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    Evidence? No? Then it's not a theory in any way shape or form. Incidentally, there are mountains of evidence to disprove it.

    It's just an idea someone had. Want to hear another idea? The entire universe is on the back of a turtle. Same amount of credibility for each idea. What you're talking about is science fiction, not science.

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    Thats a lot to take in there. yea I see what your saying but the world is not ready for your advanced thoughts most people don't care 2 shoots about that, 90% only care about money and will see the end come before they believe in anything else.

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    No I don't accept that. It is impossibly unlikely that we could have evolved on another planet and still share 99% of the genetic code of chimpanzees.

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    I also think we were put here by aliens, we are there experiments what other way is there to explain DNA, its a code and we have been genecticly engineerd and one day they will be back. Good topic just how i think!

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    Humans did evolve from apes, as thousands of pieces of DNA evidence conclusively show. Your theory is idiotic.

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    Omg, I'm absorbed with this topic....

    I am of this belief, yes.

    There will be a second (as far as we know) coming of SOMETHING.

    And it won't be pleasant.

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    Uncle Homer tells me that story when he drinks beer.

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