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Can you eat penguin ...................?

If you were shipwrecked and just couldn't stomach the seal meat, but there were penguins, could you eat them? I know they have a lot of blubber so would this be possible?

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    YES....meat's just meat....some tastes better than others.

    Birds are made of meat!

    So are you.

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    Penguins were eaten regularly by sealers and early Antarctic explorers. The penguins in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and South America were also eaten by the native peoples. The breast is the favoured part and is the most palatable. The legs, while muscly, have a strong fishy taste. Penguin eggs were also popular. An area of the penguin colony was marked and all eggs were removed and destroyed. The birds laid further eggs to replace the lost ones and these were then taken and eaten as they were known to be fresh. Eventually the birds would stop laying or they would be left alone with an egg or two to incubate.

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    you could eat penguin but its probably not very tasty since no one normally eats it

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    I don't see why not. its like eating any other animal. you would need to get the muscle because thats the part we normally eat of the animal. also you could eat the intestines.

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    When I was sailor I ate penguin breast with a few crew members MAN IT WAS SO DELICIOUS I WANT MORE NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM

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    If you live in Antarctica

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