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exotic words & meanings : African, Hawaiian, etc.?

i'm getting a chinese water dragon and want to name it something cool and exotic

hawaiian, african, and other places near or similar are what i'm looking for

i would like to know the meaning and pronunciation of whatever word(s) you give me

thank you ;)

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    Hawaiian names I can think of are:

    Mo'o (moh-[' is a short pause]-oh) means lizard and can imply to mean dragon

    Moana (moh-wah-nah) means deep ocean. I know it doesn't live in the ocean, I just like the name.

    Wai (vaee, yes its spelt with a W, but pronounced with a V) means water or fresh water

    Ōma'o (OH-mah-[short pause]-oh) shortened from ōma'oma'o (OH-mah-[short pause]-oh-mah-[short pause]-oh) meaning green

    Li'i (lee-[short pause]-ee) shortened from li'ili'i (lee-[short pause]-ee-lee-[short pause]-ee) meaning small

    Weli (veh-lee) shortened from weliweli (veh-lee-veh-lee) meaning ferocious

    Kolohe (koh-loh-heh) means rascal. That's the name of my dog.

    Sorry, I don't know any other exotic languages, only Hawaiian.

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    Exotic Words And Meanings

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