What is the current situation of Spain? (politically, economically, etc.)?

Hey everyone. I'm currently having a project that was given out by a teacher regarding on Spain.

It's an MUN project (Model United Nations).

Here are the following questions :

1. Who are Spain's natural allies (countries that Spain would normally cooperate with on a range of issues)?

2. Who are your natural enemies (countries that you would normally not cooperate with on most issues)?

3. Which countries do you most need for the general welfare of your country?

4. Which countries are most detrimental to the general welfare of your country?

5. Which issues (global, regional, local) are most important to your country, and why?

6. What is the general attitude of your country towards:

a. The World

b. Your Neighbours

c. Your Region

7. On the question of foreign aid, humanitarian spending, donating money, is your country generally a ‘giver’ nation, or isolated nation? Offer an example.

8. Would you say that your country is generally a leader, co-operator, follower, free rider or a loaner, and why?

9. Would you say that your country is generally a positive actor internationally or a negative actor (trouble maker or net consumer or foreign aid.

10. Describe your country’s overall personality.

11. Describe the general perception of your country by other countries.

Country Research:

The beginning of research is learning about the country you will be representing. In order to make the MUN conference a successful simulation of the real-world United Nations processes of issue resolution you must accurately represent the real interest of your assigned country.

1. Sustained research over a period of time

2. Factual research – internet, almanacs, and encyclopaedias – for current information, economic & social statistics and recent government policy updates.

3. ‘Feel’ for your country – knowing the interests, fears, concerns, successes & problems; how confident or worried your country is on certain issues;

4. Know the immediate / current situation in your country in the lead up to the conference; follow the news for latest developments e.g. Did your country participate in a world conference of any sort? Are they part of any international negotiations? How has your country related to global issues? Any natural disasters hitting your country? Has your country been accused of any wrong recently?

The areas of Country Research include:

1. Geography – Physical & Human

2. Economics / Human Development Index – your country’s ranking compared to other countries

3. Politics – government system etc. date joined the UN; corruption index etc.

4. Natural Resources

5. International Relations

6. History

7. Defense

8. Cool Stuff – achievements

Everyone is free to answer based on their personal opinions based on the questions above. But please state which category you are talking on (For example : Q1 = Spain's natural allies are normally.... CR3 = politics, government )

Thank you!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Spain is a mess in general when it comes to everything.

  • Erika
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    i think of that is pathetic that we are spending all that money over there attempting to alter between the oldest civilizations interior the international, mutually as our u . s . a . in is in financial chaos. some people spend greater money on scientific well-being coverage each and each week than they do on nutrition, foreclosure are at record highs, the banks won't lend, 1000's are dropping their jobs on a regular basis, gasoline and heating oil are at record highs and ol' George pats himself on the lower back thinking each and every thing is merely peachy. 5 years on and Osama bin Bonehead remains at super, in all probability in a cave guffawing his a** off at us, the Iraqi people do not choose us there and we've merely hit 4000 U.S. deaths. to declare that the conflict in Iraq is economically sustainable in absurd. people who help this entire boondoggle ought to have their heads deeply wedged into their buttocks.

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