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請幫忙把以下文章翻譯成英文,不需要用到很難的單字,只要語句通順看得懂就好,20點奉上,麻煩了> <"


如果你曾經來過台灣旅遊,你一定知道在台灣夜市裡人人手上都拿著的飲料─珍珠奶茶(Bubble tea)。珍珠奶茶是什麼呢?來台灣的外國人一頭霧水,其實珍珠奶茶就是奶茶加上用地瓜粉跟水混合作出來的珍珠。其實一開始台灣是沒有這一項飲料的,它出現的時間大概是西元1990年,當時台灣的泡沫紅茶店開始販賣這種飲料,因為它口感特別又好喝,常常看到放學回家的學生、下班買晚餐的上班族甚至是走在路上逛街的人都會買一杯來喝。不過珍珠奶茶的缺點是他熱量非常高而且奶茶是加奶精做成的不健康,以至於珍珠奶茶不得不改變它的做法。


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    If you have been to Taiwan, you should know (you must have seen) that almost everyone has a bubble tea in their hands in the night markets. What is bubble tea? A lot of foreigners in Taiwan are rather confused. As a matter of fact, it's milk tea with 'bubble balls/pearls', which are made from sweet potato starch and water. This kind of drink didn't appear in Taiwan until 1990. At that time, the so-called 'bubble black tea shops' began selling this drink. Due to its particular texture and lovely taste, students, office workers as well as window shoppers were often seen carrying it on the streets after school or work. However, the drawback of bubble tea is that it has extremely high calorie content owing to the use of creamer (instead of milk). Hence, it's not that healthy at all. As a result, there was a change in the way bubble tea was made.

    Nowadays, bubble tea comes with all sorts of flavors, such as bubble green tea, bubble black tea and other kinds of flavors. If you really fancy a bubble tea. you can now get one made with milk instead of creamer. It's both tasty and healthy. If you love traveling and food, and if you are planning a trip to Taiwan, you really should try a bubble tea. I promise you will love it!

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    If you ever visited Taiwan , you must know that everyone hold a drink -pearl milk tea in the night market.What is pearl milk tea?Foreigners who come to Taiwan won't know it.In fact,pearl milk tea is milk tea with pearl that mixed by sweet potato flour and water . Actually in the beginning of Taiwan didn't have this kind of drink, it probably appeared in 1990, when Taiwan's bubbled red tea shop started selling this drink because it taste particularly and it is tasty,I often see students that going back to home from school,office workers that buy dinner after the work or even people who go shopping will also buy a cup of pearl milk tea.But the disadvantage of pearl milk tea is that it contain high calories and milk tea is mixed by the unhealthycreamer ,so pearl milk tea should change its making method.

    Nowadays,pearl milk tea can change another flavor,like pearl green tea,pearl red tea or other flavor .If you really want to drink pearl milk tea,,nowadays have milk tea that mixed with fresh milk,healthy and tasty.Foreigners that love traveling with food come to Taiwan,you must drink a cup of pearl milk tea,I promise you won't regret.

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