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asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago

中文翻英文(三) 拒絕翻譯機

麻煩高手幫忙 參考用 十五點



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    II, human mentality and ideology of changeYiqian daily meals own at home take care of, Sunrise and do, sunset and income, now all aliasing has, daily busy to middle, drinking, smoking, staying up late, does not campaign, love eat outside food, love eat fast food, love eat soda beverage, love dessert, exquisite food, love stimulate of night life, or love all day Wo in computer Qian, does not attention body, as long as a has does not apply, not find problem of causes, but immediately doctor medicine, to symptoms solution has, then also began had with former of life.


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    Yiqian 是以前二字的音譯吧??? 不是英文

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