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辯論 關於electronic textbooks 急!!!

辯論題目係electronic textbooks will improve our education.我係反方結辯應該點講好?


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    states. electronic textbooks will improve our education.

    [ 我係反方結辯應該點講好?

    Openinga Debate has some phrases like those !

    I have asuggestion 我有一個建議

    I make amotion that 我提 議......

    I second the motion 我附議這個提議

    All those in favor 所有贊成的

    All those opposed 所有反對的

    So noted 請表明立場

    I make some motions with the opposition in my idea.

    Those really are what I said as following; Such textbooks ,. one is that it’s so much varieties, like the books as English ,

    . Math History etc., . . past some time, all those books seem to see out of date. . Having a lot of professionals that they are necessary to teach

    . their own students.

    . Next is an enormously expensive for each and every family. especially the poor families and far from the districts in the society .

    . Finally, The most students would be more near-sightedness than

    . which of that before,. if it had the enforcement in our government. All those in favor . So noted please !


    這樣的教科書, .一 是種類繁多,如英文、 數學 歷史 等等的書。、.. .過一段時間後,所有這些書似乎看到會過時而討汰。. . 需要很多專業人士教他們自己的學生。

    .其次, 在上社會每一個家庭對該書,

    . 尤其邊遠地區貧困的家庭是非常昂貴的. .最後,如果我們的政府執行, 大部分學生近視將會比以前更多. 有贊成的, 請表明立場 !

    Source(s): S.H. Chen 系統工程師的居酒屋
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