what is the function of the oil pressure gauge?

1. determines the pressure that the oil pump creates

2. determines the pressure that the oil pressure sensing switch creates

3. determines the pressure that the oil pan crreates

4. determines the presure of that the oil strainer creates

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    The answer you are looking for is #1 but none of these answers is correct. The function of the oil pressure gauge is to show the pressure of the oiling system in the engine.

    #1 is wrong because the gauge does not determine oil pump pressure, the oil pressure relief valve and bearing clearance does this, but the gauge displays the pressure created by the oil pump so this is going to be your best answer.

    #2 is wrong because the oil pressure sending switch does not create oil pressure, it simply measures it and allows the gauge to display it.

    #3 is wrong because the oil pan simply holds the oil in reserve.

    #4 is wrong because the oil strainer is part of the delivery system and it does not create pressure.

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    Pressure Gauge Function

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    When you remove the electrical oil sending unit ,the engine will not start because the computor does not sense oil pressure and shuts the injectors /fuel pump off.

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    Unless your gage is just an idiot light ( on-off) then no, you need the proper sensor or the gage will not work, Thats the part that defines a gage from an idiot light. Same as water temp, you need the sensor for your setup, false readings using the factory sensors

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