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Marco Rubio now reconsidering V.P. for Romney and America?

Let's face it, Liberals down play Rubio like they play Hispanics for Votes. Since I am Hispanic and Female, I know first hand that Obama and the Democrats use Hispanic Voters, because they think that Hispanics by in large are stupid and will fall for Obama's worthless promises for less financial drain than with Whites and Asians. Besides, since going on Yahoo back in July 2008, My account has been Reported no less than 50 times along with 3 suspensions. And these reportings from Nazi Liberals come form White Atheist Homosexual Whores. Real Obama stuff, since Obama came from one. Instead of attacking me, try proving me wrong, since in 4 one has. ROMNEY RUBIO 2012..........after all I am American of Hispanic Heritage,,,and I served did you ?


Good Point Independent Thinker.....I already was aware of the Voting differences among Hispanics. Since most Democrat Hispanic Voters reside in California and are of Mexican descent. Since Mexico lost 2 Wars with the U.S....some of these leftists still Hate America like Michelle Obama did and still does. My Hispanic Heritage is of Chilean and Inca Origin....ha ha.. Inca are not Hispanic but My Beautiful Mother was Spanish and Inca. She was a Ballerina too....married My Dad when he was 31 and she was 19. Hanky Panky with LOVE.

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    I am white. I actually voted for Rubio in his senate bid in Florida. I remember the day before the election the news outlets basically saying he was a strong candidate but democrat Alex Sink would ultimately win because she was ahead in the polls by 3 to 5 percent. Obviously, we know the polls were way wrong. Rubio won by a pretty large margin. I also grew up in Central Florida which has an extremely large hispanic population and a large Republican hispanic population. The hispanic vote isn't a solid block like portrayed in the media Puerto Ricans and Cubans vote very differently than Mexicans. Puerto Ricans and Cubans or island hispanics have much more conservative principles than Mexicans. If you know Puerto Rican families like I do they shun welfare and expect their children to be productive members of society. I am sorry but I can't see a hispanic American from Central Florida voting Obama/Biden or Romney/Rubio. Rubio is the American Dream. He worked while going to college. Spent two years in community college in Florida before transferring to a state university. He became a lawyer and has a beautiful wife and family. I could totally see Rubio as the VP and think he himself is downplaying it to avoid being scurtinized to early before the election takes full swing.

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    Rubio will not the the VP for either Romney or America.

    It's obvious that you're neither female nor Hispanic.

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    Boo Hoo

    let Rubio read out loud the Blunt/Rubio employers can dictate weather you can get a blood test or not bill

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    "Hispanics by in large are stupid and will fall for Obama's worthless promises for less financial drain than with Whites and Asians. "

    If they believe that they are delusional because he never promised that.

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    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

    SOURCE: Red head

    of Danish /Scottish/latino ancestry

    and.....D E M O C R A T....(Cummings Georgia)


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