I get tired when I take off my socks?

When my feet get a little too warm I take off my socks, which is something the average person would do. My only problem is, when I take off my socks, I instantly feel tired. Could there be any possible explanation for this? This is a serious question. I love staying up late but my feet get too warm so I have to take my socks off, but if I do so, then ill fall asleep or feel tired. Thanks


Nothing to do with masturbation

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    8 years ago
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    Maybe you should check your body temperature 10 minutes after you take off your socks and see if it is stable? It should be around 97F. If its normal....

    it could just be that youve conditioned yourself to get tired after youve taken off your socks. Meaning, at one point, you probably began to associate taking your socks off = time for bed. I say you take off your socks (or dont wear any) at a point in your day when you feel most awake. Maybe try it on your day off so it doesnt interfere with any responsibilities. Another tip that may help is avoiding to take your socks off right before bed. Try taking them off an hour or two before bedtime. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It's probably just some weird coincidence

  • whaaat
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    8 years ago

    is ti because after you take them off you masturbate into them?

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