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Jehovah's Witnesses: How do you know God's personal name isn't Bill or Steve?

There is as much biblical basis for those as there is Jehovah, isn't there?

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    I think that to ask this question in a serious manner much less answer it one must make an assumption that God has a personal name. To be honest with you I am not so sure that God does. That is not to say that we do not have an identifying label which we can use to refer to God but if the God that I recognize exists, then perhaps God is above all names. I can see at some far future date some great civilization on another planet and the great civilization on this one will come in contact with each other. Mankind is continually presented with challenges. Today, one of the challenges is to move beyond national borders and think of the whole world as our community. Another is to move beyond religious borders and think of the whole world as one religion. And for me, I very specifically include the Atheists in that.

    While I see an openness and acceptance in just about every religious group with whom I have had personal contact, there always seems to be an attitude of us versus them with one exception. That one exception is the Baha’i Faith. Had I not the experiences I have had with the Baha’is, then I do not think I would have ever realized that there is a difference. Take for example when I go to worship in a Mormon church. I feel a warmth and a spirit there, and although people will go out of their way to make me feel welcome, there is a just barely detectable undercurrent of “We have something you do not, and you will have to become one of us to get it.” When I meet with Baha’i groups, the attitude is more of, “You already are one of us.”

    I think I need to redirect my focus here. One thing I have found with me that is very true is that I never know where my writing will take me. I just start writing and then hold on for dear life. The question was about the name of God. If on some future date tens or hundreds of thousands of years hence we find an intelligent life form that looks more like a single-eyed, multi-tentacled, conical blob of mud, and that life form also recognizes the existence of God, will we not have to come to terms with the fact that they are just as human as we are? Will they have the exact sound and spelling of the name “God” as we do? Will we hear them say Jehovah, or Brahma, or Akal Purakh, or Allah? Or will they have their own name for God? If there is one God, and if all religions are inspired by one God, then I have to ask myself, “Is there a single name for God? And if there is, could it be that none of us are in possession of it yet?”

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    Read Psalms 83:18 “You alone are the Most High over all the earth.”—PS. 83:18.

    PERHAPS the first time you saw Jehovah’s name was when it was shown to you at Psalm 83:18. You may have been surprised to read those words: “That people may know that you, whose name is Jehovah, you alone are the Most High over all the earth.” Since then, you no doubt have used this same scripture to help others come to know our loving God, Jehovah.—Rom. 10:12, 13.

    Although it is important for people to know Jehovah’s name, such knowledge in itself is not enough. Notice how the psalmist highlights yet another truth essential to our salvation when he says: “You alone are the Most High over all the earth.” Yes, Jehovah is the most important Person in the whole universe. As the Creator of all things, he has the right to expect full submission from all his creatures. (Rev. 4:11) For good reason, then, we need to ask ourselves, ‘Who is the most important person in my life?’ It is vital that we carefully analyze our answer to that question!

    So this should show a bi-polar person as yourself Jehovah's name is in the Bible. i guess wtih you, it all depends on what side of the bed you get up on.

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    Don't be stupid. Steve or Bill? Of course not, it's Trevor. I was having a drink with him last Friday night. Plays a mean game of eight ball (I think he cheats, but he's got contacts so you don't argue with him. Not a good idea to get on his daddy's bad side).

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    Jehovah's name is mention over 7,000 times in the bible...Of course only in the bible translations that are accurately translated from the original language of the scriptures. Do research on " יהוה (YHWH) ". Maybe that will assist you.

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    JW's follow the teachings of the"faithful and discreet slave," aka the Governing Body. Whatever the GB says in their publications is what they believe so if the GB were to say God's real name is Gerome they would believe it.

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    Jehovah's Witnesses are diviners for dates and the end times; they would have divined to find out what to call God. Rumor has it that they used an excommunicated magic practicing Catholic priest to translate their Bible.

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    Jehovah is only mentioned in the JWs own bible, where they have added it wherever the Bible says "God". Everyone knows His real name is "Harold".

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    psalms 83:18 kjv/ nwt

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    Smiles to self.. Screams with joy..Oh Bill!! Oh Bill !! that was wonderful.

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