Unable to open up Serena's Amulet of Mara dialogue option (Skyrim, Dawnguard DLC)?

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From what I hear, you can wear the Amulet of Mara and use it to bring up a unique dialogue option when you talk to Serena after the completion of Dawnguards main questline. I have ...show more
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  • Peter answered 2 years ago
According to the forums from those who have played the DLC, Serana is apparently not marriageable, but people have posted that while in the midst of the DLC's main storyline that she will answer "no" to your proposal and later tell you that she wont consider it until her father has been slain.

Many gamers have felt cheated to learn of such an in depth character that isn't up for grabs as part of the marriage system, which feels as if Bethesda may be trolling us, but if you wish to change this there is a petition going around trying to change that specific issue with the DLC.

Petition link,

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  • Stefan answered 2 years ago
    You have to side with Lord Harkon at the start in order for it to show, if you go with the dawnguard the option will not appear. I have played both sides and with each one you get different dialogue options the one you want only appears by siding with the vampires.


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  • Marcelo answered 4 months ago
    You must have the own amulet of mara that you buy to maramal, thats the only one that works... And if it stills dont work isthat she is not marriageable, :))))
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  • Minozar answered 2 years ago
    see this video for how to get married in skyrim:


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  • Kirei answered 2 years ago
    I believe you have to talk to her about certain topics throughout the first half of the DLC and after she says you have a new friend now or something like that, you can wear the amulet and the dialogue option pops up, however you can't marry her I believe.
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