What do you think about Angelina Love leaving TNA?

TNA Knockout Angelina Love announced on Twitter Sunday night that she has parted ways with TNA. "To all my wonderful fans, just want to let you know I have been granted my release from TNA," Angelina wrote. "It was completely amicable parting of ways and I want to thank TNA and all of its employees for the wonderful journey I've had there over the years. Now I'm on to the next amazing chapter of my life!"

Angelina, who was part of the top-rated Beautiful People group at her peak in TNA a few years ago, says she is taking independent bookings through John at john@spectacularsignings.com .

BQ-1: Should Angelina Love wrestle for Shimmer Women's Wrestling?

BQ-2; Should Angelina Love wrestle for one of The Japanese Wrestlng Promotions?

BQ-3: Should Angelina Love wrestle for Independent Wrestling Promotions in The United States?

BQ-4: Should Angelina Love try out for World Wrestling Entertainment?

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    Sadly I seen Angelina's release coming months in advance probably like many TNA and Angelina fans did. She was a fabulous addition to the Knockouts Division and helped shape what the Knockouts Division would become over the years. She was a great champion and always gave a 100%. She should be extremely proud of the work she put in and the success she achieved. She had every right to request her release as she's still young and no doubt has more goals to achieve in the wrestling world. Best of luck to her.

    BQ-1: I think Angelina Love would be a great addition to the roster at Shimmer Women's Athletes. She isn't the greatest wrestler I've ever seen and even though she's 30+ years of age she could still learn alot and possibly even still grow as a performer with some of the best Indie female stars in the country if not the world like Sara Del Rey, Mercedes Martinez and Cheerleader Melissa. Her experience and time dealing with the national and even worldwide spotlight at one of the top wrestling promotions in the world, TNA would be a great quality to pass on to younger female wrestlers still trying to make their mark in the wrestling world.

    BQ-2: I don't see why not plenty of wrestlers have moved on to have very successful careers in other sports like MMA, UFC etc. We've seen wrestlers like MVP who wrestled for New Japan Pro Wrestling carve out a fairly successful career in Japan. I think if she were a fan of "puroresu" style of wrestling like MVP etc were it would be a big help. If she's prepared for a massive change and uplift in life style then best of luck I say. Japan's female wrestlers are some of the fastest and most gifted in the ring in the entire world that perform "joshi puroresu".

    BQ-3: I honestly think starting out on the Indie Circuit would be the best place for Angelina Love or "Angel Williams" as she is known on the Indie Circuit to begin with. The fact that Angelina Love hasn't wrestled much in the last six to twelve months apart from her short stint in Ring Ka King in India, she might have alot of ring rustiness and maybe a little stale again. She would probably maybe get back in to the rhythm and pace of things again quite quickly.

    BQ-4: I have never been Angelina Love's biggest fan but even she doesn't deserve to be buried in the sea of mediocre talent WWE's women's division possesses. Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Kharma, Eve Torres and Tamina are the obvious exceptions. She wasn't onscreen on TNA atleast for the fact we had "great" and "world class" female talent producing great matches, promos and storylines so sometimes that's just your luck but in WWE she wouldn't last. She would be isolated and wasted in the WWE's garbage vision of what women's wrestling is; two minute matches, no punches and kicks etc etc.

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    8 years ago

    Although a bit shocking, I wasn't surprised by Angelina Love's TNA departure. In recent months, Love was pushed aside by the likes of Gail Kim, Mickie James, Madison Rayne, Brooke Tessmacher, and Velvet Sky.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    not too shocked, seeings as she asked for it,

    BQ 1, no

    BQ 2, Yes

    BQ 3, yes

    BQ 4, no, it would be a waste of time and talent

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    yes. if WWE actually uses her right she can become a powerful diva somewhat like Trish Stratus

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