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Power supply integration with LabVIEW?

I would like to integrate my power supply with LabVIEW.

What I want to do is have LabVIEW give a high or low signal to the power supply which enables a system.

I tried finding drivers but I wasnt able to find anything. Does anyone know if this unit could be used on conjuction with LabVIEW?

QUAKKO HY3005DP 32V/5A/160W

Programable DC power supply

Thanks a lot


What I want to do is the power supply to enable a high or low signal. The power supply will be on. I just need everything to be automated depending on a timer that is setup within LabVIEW.

Essentially, what I want LabVIEW to do is enable the ouput form the power supply, then from a specified timer, it will disable the ouput. All this in a while loop until its told to stop

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    It sounds like you're trying to turn systems off and on with your program. It might be easier to control an op-amp or some other "electronic switch" to enable the power rather than trying to turn the whole power supply on. have the "switch" control a relay that handles the actual current of the circuit.

    There is a forum on National Instruments site for developers of LabView that you may find better help:

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