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Question about rifle and permits?

OK i have a HK SL8 and ever since i first saw the G36K i was instantly in love why it i dont know why but i love it. I have finally saved up for the G36K parts kit to make my SL8 look the a G36K and while i was on wikipedia i read that the G36K has a 9" barrel im curious if the parts kit has a 9" barrel if that would be considered a weapon requiring permits or something. Here is a link to the kit would i need any special permits for it?


Does that mean i would need the SBR crap taken care of before ordering? or after i order it and it arrives it sits around until i get the paperwork straightened out and then it can be put on the gun? Also im 20 is there an age requirement for a SBR permit?

Update 2:

Also could i just leave the original SL8 barrel on there which is clearly not a SBR and just put the parts kit on around it? and just never put the 9" barrel on

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    According to the ATF, if you have a rifle receiver that a short barrel will fit on and no handgun that the barrel will fit on, you have a SBR whether or not you install the barrel on the rifle receiver. You would need to have your rifle registered as an SBR before you get the short barrel in your possession. You must be 21 yo to own an NFA item. If you don't want to screw around with the SBR, get rid of the SL8, order then kit, destroy and dispose of the barrel, and then get an SL8.

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    Technically, no. What you need is to registrar your rifle with the ATF. You must fill out an ATF Form 4 and pay a two hundred dollar tax in order to obtain a tax stamp that will let local authorities know they your Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) is legally held.

    It is a lengthily process that can take up to six months. Sometimes longer.

    If you were to obtain a 16 inch barrel for your parts kit, then you could skip this process. If you want a shorter than 16 inch barrel, then you need to resister it has a SBR.

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