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Whats the difference between Canadians who come to US for healthcare, and Americans who go to Mexico?

The Canadians that come here are rich enough to afford US healthcare.

The Americans that go to Mexico are the everyday folks who can't.

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    Canadians came to the US because they could afford better care than Canada offers.

    Those from the US went to Mexico because they couldn't afford the care the US offered.

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    Canada has a more desirable ideal way of regulating the cost of clinical care. docs who care more desirable about their pocket or who get into the occupation in simple terms to make money instead of assuaging human suffering gained't favor to coach in Canada so as that they arrive over right here. If docs on the different hand are happy with earning fairly a lot less at the same time as education their craft morally for the coolest of their endurance then they stay in Canada and pass to sleep with a clean judgment of correct and incorrect.

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