Can someone help me a Joomla installation?

I'm attempting to re-design a website with the CMS Joomla, but I can't get it to install. If anyone could help me this would be great. just email with and I'll give you the details and any information you need.

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    9 years ago
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    Installing joomla is quite easy if you do it right. Here are the steps involved for installation:

    To begin our installation, we’ll first need to move our Joomla! installation package to the server. This can be accomplished by simply moving the downloaded package to your server, then unpacking it. Or you can unpack the files on your local computer, then move the Joomla! installation over to your server. Either way, the Joomla! installation needs to be unpacked in the root of your site.

    Caution - if you unpack the files on your own computer, then copy them to your server, be sure to only move the files contained INSIDE the Joomla! package. If you transfer the Joomla! folder as well, your site will be accessed at instead of

    With the files moved over to your server, access the Joomla! installation through your web browser by accessing the domain or directory that the files were moved to (for example, '').

    From here, the Joomla! installer makes it very easy to install Joomla! 1.7

    1. The first step is to select your language in the screen above, then press the 'Next' button in the upper right corner.

    2. The next step runs a series of system and server checks to ensure that Joomla! will be able to install, and function correctly. The top section of items should all be green and 'Yes'. If any are not (they'll be red and say "No") then you will need to take action to correct them. The bottom section of items are not required, but are recommended to ensure that Joomla! can operate smoothly.

    3. The third step to installing Joomla! 1.7 is the license. This is the software license agreement for Joomla! use, and simply requires you to press 'Next' in the top right corner after reviewing.

    4. The Fourth Step is configuring the database connection for Joomla! Here you will need to enter the Database type, Hostname, User name, Database name and the Database prefix for the MySQL database you have set up. If your settings are not correct, you might be unable to connect to the database. An additional option is to change the Table prefix. This may be helpful for security purposes. This will alter the names of all the Joomla! tables, by changing the prefix to whatever characters you put there.

    5. Fivth step is the ftp configuration. This is an optional step for most sites, and typically is not used. If you would like to enable the ftp layer, simply add your ftp credentials to the options here.

    6. Sixth step, and the last process to install Joomla!, is the site configuration! Here you can add in a site Name, username, password, and email for the administrator, as well as install the Sample Content that can help with starting a new site.

    With that done, Joomla! is now installed! The last step needed is to remove the installation directory - and the Joomla! installer does this for you as well! This needs removed for security reasons, to prevent anyone else from coming along and installing Joomla! again over your existing site. To do this, simple click the "Remove Installation Directory" button.

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    7 years ago

    You must say which sever that you wana install joomla website?

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    When I did this, I deleted all the nearby internet site content material I had constructed earlier (after backing it up, of path) and established Joomla! instantly into the important listing of the internet site. This labored flawlessly for me. Though, the installer used to be a third social gathering script supplied through the internet host and now not the reputable system of Joomla! set up. Even and not using a separate script, I could expect you might simply reproduction all the records from the Joomla! listing you have got into the important listing after deleting the historic content material (again it up, of path). I might be incorrect approximately that, although.

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    please contact me at I can help you with installation

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