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Why does UFC/MMA not look effective ?

Me and my cousin were discussing UFC/MMA and he made a very good point during the conversation. He said he does not watch it anymore (just like me) because he said all they do in the cage is wrestle and fight on the ground. He also made a good point when he pointed out that some of them were 8th degree black belts in jiu-jitsu , taekwondo , muay-thai etc. The point is we agreed on is how do you ''supposedly'' know all of this martial arts and dont utilize any of them. If you know all of this the fight SHOULD look legendary and like a martial arts movie(sarcasm). Im just saying it looks easy half of the time the fighters have all the open clear up shots and dont take them or tire out within two minutes!!! WHAT TYPE OF CRAP IS THAT ?!!! Im just saying it all looks like easy BULLCRAP. Anybody that is strong , has a good stamina , and knows how to wrestle can roll around on the ground and choke someone.


If your bringing up the movie part I hope you noticed I put SARCASM. For those that are saying I cant scap well I know what I am capable of and ill leave it at that...im not one of your internet tough guys

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    Well, first, "UFC" is an organization, like the NBA and the NFL. MMA is the sport.

    Second, I'm not sure you're using the word "effective" correctly.


    "adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result"

    The effects of the combatants techniques are self-evident: guys are getting rattled or knocked out by strikes, tossed on their heads with throws and takedowns, and made to acknowledge defeat with chokes and joint locks. That is clearly showing an "effect"; you can see the results of what the people are doing over the course of a match.

    And as someone who has followed MMA since UFC 4, and has seen literally dozens (perhaps hundreds) of matches, the following is inconsistent to me: "all they do in the cage is wrestle and fight on the ground... it looks easy half of the time the fighters ... tire out within two minutes!!!"

    The fact is that, especially in the past five years or so, more fights have taken place on the feet than on the ground. There are a few reasons for this: overall improved striking ability; overall improved ground defense; a willingness to be an "exciting" fighter; and bonuses for "Fight of the Night" and "Knockout of the Night". Anyone who characterizes MMA as "wrestle and fight on the ground" hasn't paid attention to it lately. Recent years have given us enough good fights to produce highlights like this:


    Youtube thumbnail


    And they most certainly do not tire out after two minutes, unless you're talking lower-level heavyweights. Guys like Rich Franklin, Jose Aldo, Urijah Faber, Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva, Randy Couture, Jake Shields, Ben Henderson, Sean Sherk, Gilbert Melendez, Dominic Cruz, and more have done multiple five-round fights (25 minutes of action) without gassing out. And they're FIGHTING PEOPLE, which is one of the physically hardest things to do- most new guys when they come into the gym are gassed after a minute or two of sparring, and our warmups alone kill some people. So unless you're watching stuff from 1995 where strip-mall karate "masters" were entering the cage or ring, I really don't know what you're talking about. Even an "out of shape" fighter is still able to go at least one round without gassing.

    As for the rest, frankly, I don't think you know what you're looking at. By that I mean that I don't think you understand both the intricacies of the techniques or the reality of full-contact fighting. Bringing up the movies is a valid place to start, because most people who don't train get their impression of what a "real" fight looks like from the movies. Of course, in the movies, it's designed to look pretty; real fights are sloppy. And although many of the current crop of MMA fighters have Olympic-level training (no 8th-degree BB's, though; Damien Maia is a 3rd degree), the fact is that when you're trying to do something to someone who's trying to stop you, and do something back to YOU, you're not going to look smooth and fluid. The only times I've seen guys look "pretty" in the ring is when they outclassed their opponent; in other words, between two guys of fairly equal skill, it gets hard to do anything fancy to them.

    The fact is, fights are won by the basics: jab, cross, hook, round kick, double leg takedown, rear choke, arm bar. The reason you don't see a whole lot of fancy moves is the same reason you don't tie your shoes while doing a back flip- it's unnecessary, inefficient, and can get you hurt.

    Here's another fact: it's really, really hard to choke someone who doesn't want to be choked. Chokes (and "wrestling"/grappling in general) are far more technical than you seem to be assuming, and require much, much more than simply strength and stamina. In fact, during the "open weight" matches in MMA- which the UFC doesn't have anymore, but are not uncommon in Japan- someone who is more trained in the finer points of grappling comes out on top against bigger, stronger opponents. That's because being able to bench press a truck doesn't translate into being aware that your leg is in danger of being ripped off:


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    Grappling is a game of inches, and if your technique is off even a little, you go from having a very effective hold that can end the fight instantly to having a useless technique that will wear YOU out instead of your opponent.

    I would suggest that you simply don't understand what you're seeing. Maybe you'd enjoy MMA more if you studied the techniques a little, maybe by attending some martial arts class. Since grappling is so hard for an outsider to grasp, I'd suggest a grappling system like Western wrestling, Judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, or Sambo.

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    Because we've been raised to believe that effective fighting is either some flashy moves from Bruce Lee movies or the matrix, or just brawling from modern action movies that only needs athleticism. What you don't realise is that those people are trained professionalism doing real fighting and that its visual appeal to you is irrelevant when discussing its effectiveness.

    Here's the point, if an MMA fighter wins, he may get a win bonus. The win looks good on his record, so he may get the opportunity to get higher paying fights in the future. In short, fighters have a massive incentive to do what is most effective. There's a massive incentive to be the best, and there's a clearing out of the things that don't work as you get towards the top of MMA. If MMA fighters are missing out on some amazing style that's entertaining, why the hell aren't they doing it. Surely one person must know about it, and they should be getting this big *** salary, because they are beating everybody else. Soon, everybody else will be training in this style.

    If you think that what most MMA fighters do isn't effective, YOU can get in a ring or a cage and show the world how ineffective they are. Hell, if you're ever near an MMA gym, walk up to the manager and tell them that MMA isn't effective and challenge them to some sparring. You'll be humbled.

    On an interesting sidenote, you really should try some kind of combat sport. You'll be humbled at how well people smaller than you can manhandle you. You won't be saying it's not effective anymore,

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    It seems to be the case that most fighters have a special area in which they're best in, or they have a game plan and wouldn't want to take a risk. that's what seems to happen most of the time. the UFC is entertaining to a large amount of people, but that doesn't mean all fights are going to be exciting. at the end of the day, many fighters will prioritize winning over entertaining the fans. and if that means not using all aspects of MMA, then that's what they'll do.

    oh, and there's a BIG difference between things looking easy and them ACTUALLY being easy. don't assume it's easy just because it looks that way. try being an MMA fighter and you'll see that the things they do aren't easy at all.

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    4 years ago

    Wow, I don't think I have ever read so many stupid answers in my life. I guess it proves once and for all the experience level and knowledge of most posters on here. Kung Fu, when trained correctly, can be a very effective striking art. Full contact sparring, known as Sanda, is an excellent display of strikes, clinch, and throws. Some Kung Fu styles have throws and submission techniques, and Shuai Jiao is a grappling art similiar to Judo which is very effective Chinese martial art. Many good Kung Fu and San Shou schools will incorporate Shuai Jiao into their ciruculum. There are a lot of worthless Kung Fu schools as well, that teach nothing but forms and unrealistic combat drills, but that is true for many other traditional martial arts. Cung Le is an excellent MMA fighter who uses San Shou, and Jason Delucia was a guy from the old days of the UFC who was a good fighter, especially after he started working his ground game.

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    Good question I agree that's why I prefer and think that boxing is a much better sport. I think the UFC and MMA disrespect aspects of martial arts by claiming to be "professionals" but in reality it takes a lifetime to be great at something like Jiujitsu. That's why I like boxing these people have been training their whole lives just to be good at it.

    And then you get these "MMA FANS" that act like "OH WELL WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO IN A STREET FIGHT?" You learn self-defense by hitting the heavy bag and going to the gym. It's ironic that the greatest MMA fighter of all time Royce Gracie is disgusted with the sport and I don't blame him. The striking is sloppy, the jujitsu is amateur like and there's only 3 rounds compared to 12 in boxing. Ken Shamrock has even said he doesn't watch UFC anymore because boxing takes way more skill.

    Source(s): Truth and going to the gym.
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    of course

    the boxing commision took out

    soccer kicks stomps and kneeing a grounded opponent

    all these can be defended but opens up new opportunities

    liver shots etc etc

    so what u have is hugging and staying on top of someone

    and pretending to improve position for 5 minutes

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    The athletes in the UFC are at a level where they know how to counter the techniques of their opponents.

    This is also why the highest level of many sports are low scoring or less "exciting".

    Source(s): Wrestlingroots.org
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  • certain fights and fighters are better in ground and pound and wrestling then others so many like to take it to the ground because of less injures but many many fighters go standing and they use really fancy kicks punches you just need to watch those fights

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