How would studying computer science be different than cloud computing?

Honestly, I'm new to the idea of cloud computing. I just graduated from school and want to chose a field to enter at university, and I want to be a programmer in the end. I thought about studying computer science, but someone suggested cloud computing, and I still don't understand how would that be different. Could you please explain? Thanks in advance.

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you want to do programming then you want a 4 year Bachelors Computer Science degree.

    Cloud Computing is the delivery of storage or computing services from a central Internet based location. If you have a place on the Internet where you store photos or files then this would be an example of Cloud Computing File Storage.

    There is a lot of interest in Cloud Computing but companies are reluctant to let sensitive corporate data out from under their own personal security teams. Also, the need for programmers is not going to go away in Cloud Computing.

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  • C Hris
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    8 years ago

    Cloud computing means you would be withdrawing files from a Cloud or the internet as most people know it and is part of computer science but most soft-wares are made to run from the machine because it is smoother no bandwidth issues, can be used offline etc etc. Cloud computing is catching on because of the ability to access your files from various places. The CLoud has very little to do with program scripting in general unless you script programs that use/run on the cloud.

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