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Why do you go to Church?

Why do you really go to church ( If you go)

I just don't get the flakiness or the hypocrites that cling on to religion, or " God" Don't you think life would be more fulfilling if you were not a puppet? We are all put here on earth for a purpose, would you rather not discover that with an open mind, or be told what to do 24/7?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I go to church because sometimes I'm flaky and sometimes I'm a hypocrite. When I choose to be together with other believers, I enjoy having God as my object to communally direct my gratitude, wonder and love toward. At church, I have other people that recognize that they are also severely flawed and desire for God to develop in them a heart for better loving other people. I learn how to use my talents to help people inside the church and how to better serve those outside the church.

    I'm free to walk away from God whenever I choose. I receive so much from Him though when I'm obedient that I never want to sever that relationship.

  • Slewin
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    9 years ago

    I dont go to church just been there once choosing my religion. after thet even before i didnt have to go cause were ever i am i dont belieave that god answers prayers more cause im in a church. i beliave in what they discovered maybe J.C wrote goes something like this were ever you are you dont have to be in church for god hearing your prayers. even if you dont pray. Maybe you will be blessed anyways. wtf you mean by open mind and being watched and told what to do. been there done that for 7 years.

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