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Tongue ring through my ear, questions on healing process?

So, about.. 2 weeks ago I put a tongue ring through my right ear. I did it slowly, and it did not hurt very much and I did not use any gel. Today, I was going to take it out to change the bells for the second time and relized there was a bump on the left side of the hole on the back side of my ear. I was wondering if it is something I should get checked out or if it's just scabbing? It was fine and not in any pain until about 4 days ago when I took it out for the first time, but it has hurt slightly after I put it back in. Nothing major, just sore when I turn it the wrong way or its pulled. Thanks, if you are not sure if you are correct about your answer please put so in the answer. If its helpful I am 14 and twist it regularly. I have not cleaned it with anything yet, I just bought the thing and put it through.

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    Not cleaning it is your problem. Use sea salt saline soaks to clean your piercings. (1/4 tsp non-iodized sea salt, hot water). If it doesn't clear up and stop hurting, put a normal ear ring back in or get a different kind of ring, like a captive bead ring or a horseshoe. And also, you don't need to 'twist it regularly'. It irritates the piercing more than anything. Good luck.

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