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Who has the better players? (Fantasy)?

The rules are 9 forwards, 1 defencemen, 2 goalies. This is for the upcoming season. At the end we add up all the points for the forwards, and for the goalies we add the total shutouts. Who ever has the most points in total wins. IK, this is stupid, but its jus sumtin me and my friends decided to do. So in the end who do you think will win? thanks! ( ik its alot to read...sorry)

Adam:1.Steven Stamkos

2.Henrik Sedin

3.Evgeni Malkin

4.Pavel Datsyuk

5.Anze Kopitar

6.Nicklas Backstrom

7.James Neal

8.Teemu Selanne

9.Jhon Tavares

10.Brian Campbell

Goalies:1.Brian Elliot

2.Marc-Andre Fluery

Nick:1.Jonathon Toews

2.Claude Giroux

3.Marian Gaborik

4.Thomas Vanek

5.Kris Versteeg

6.Joffrey Lupul

7.Jason Pominville

8.Jamie Benn

9.Matt Moulson

10.Erik Karlsson

Goalies:1.Tuukka Rask

2.Henrik Lundquist

Micheal:1.Sidney Crosby

2.Daniel Sedin

3.Jaromir Jagor

4.Alex Ovechkin

5.Jason Spezza

6.Jordan Eberle

7.Thomas Fleischmann

8.Scott Hartnell

9.Patrick Elias

10.Shea Weber

Goalies:1.Martin Broduer

2.Jaroslav Halak

Jhon:1.Phil Kessel

2.Ryan Nuget-Hopkins

3.Marian Hossa

4.Martin St. louis

5.Ilya Kovalchuk

6.Corey Perry

7.Joe Thorton

8.Ray whitney

9.Eric Staal

10.Zdeno Chara

Goalies:1.Jimmy Howard

2.Pekka Rinne


2.Patrick Kane

3.Tyler Seguin

4.Loui Eriksson

5.Radim Vrbata

6.Daniel Alfredsson

7.Zach Parise

8.Rick Nash

9.Dion Phaneuf

10.Valterri Filppula

Goalies:1.Jonathon Quick

2.Correy Shnider.

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    I would take Adams team to win in a fantasy leagues as basically every player is a point per game player, I would also say Adam's team is head and shoulders above every one else, if injuries are avoided Adam should win, I would put Michael in second because who knows Crosby and Ovi could each put in like 130 pts

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  • Camillus looks like the best to me.

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    Adam but his goaltenders are a bit shaky

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    Invite me to your fantasy, Ill own you all.

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    ask in fantasy sports. maybe your fantasy girlfriend can help you.

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