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What is it about talking with someone of the opposite sex?

(or same sex if you're gay, bi) that you are kind of attracted to that is so stimulating?

It seems like it's more than simply the fact that a person you find attractive is conversing with you ...

What I mean is, it seems more than flirting that is making it pleasant since not ALL interactions are of that nature, right?

For example, a guy at work started a conversation about books with me. I don't think he is interested in me ... just making conversation (yes, I find him very attractive). Soooo ... if it's not of a flirtive nature, then what ...

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    Recognition of you.

    The eyes meet and the sense we rarely take notice of becomes aroused....smell...aroma..and our bodies respond with sensual feelings.

    If the conversation is not bound by ego....talking about yourself or not fully listening.....then the spirits find common ground.

    Books,music,film,food,wine are stimulus to a meeting of minds and if the mind is to found in the brain then the brain is the biggest sexual organ.

    The flirting starts as a prelude to the main event...will this be as good as I imagine or better still if you know your own erotic capabilities..will this be as good as I can create it....there is then chase and the hunt...and then the mystery that can define you or destroy you.

    Most men who go out and make friends with women are attracted to the women they make friends with.They won't admit it but that's what I find.It's rare that a woman falls for a male friend.The impulsive nature of lust and desire tricks many beautiful women to fall for the person who will never be a friend out the bed.This is sad because many good men and now more women are lonely and only seeking companionship without the psychodrama and issues that ultimately erode and undermine self esteem.The hurry up instant gen x are now lost between their posessions and their dreams which own them and turn into nightmares.

    So remember"Fortune favours the brave."Go for it.What man just talks literature with a lady!

    Pity I didn't live in the USA...we could meet for that coffee if I did.


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    Maybe he just finds you interesting on an intellectual level, or maybe he does find you attractive. if you want to know for sure strike up conversations with him more often and perhaps ask him if he can do small favours for you at work or help you out with tasks. if he says yes and is happy to do so (and is single) then maybe he does like you...

    Alternatively there nothing wrong with a little innocent flirting as long as its just that if you're in a relationship

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