How to make a m-80 using black powder ?

Yea so how

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  • Mr. P
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    9 years ago
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    Sure I know a three fingered guy and a two fingered guy who would love to help you with that.

  • Nigel
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    9 years ago

    It should be noted that making any explosive that has more than 1/4 oz. of powder constitutes a Destructive Device and must be registered with the ATF. I doubt you want to go through all that crap with a firecracker, so just stick with store bought ones that are pre-made. If you want a bigger explosion that is still legal, then go with tannerite or a similar binary explosive.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    go to cannon and buy the paper shells

    fill the shell with blackpowder.

    use at least a 6 second fuse.

    and you'll have a firecracker that looks like an M80 but is not one.

    if you want a real M80 perhaps ask he nice people on shadowrx forums about how to make HMTD and stuff a M80 tube with it.

    Source(s): they told me how to make AP and HMTD, but I decided i don't want to loose an arm so said no thanks, i'll stick to blackpowder.
  • conte
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    4 years ago

    How To Make M80s

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Don't bother. It will go "pop".

    Cut open 15 Black Cats, get the flash powder out. Get a small thick walled card board tube, like what they put thread on sometimes, about 1 1/2" long x 5/8" inside diameter. Cut 10 round pieces of paper to fit one end, put a drop of white glue between them, squeeze, then another dab of glue on leading edge and press in one end about 1/4 inch. Do NOT use plaster, putty, Rock Hard, etc. Let dry overnight. Poke a 1/8" hole in center of side. Buy some 1/8" fuse: or . Or buy at gun show, or pull it from a legal firework. Don't try to Make fuse, it is dangerous. Cut about 6" of it. Poke one end in hole as far as it will go. Secure with one drop of white glue. Then pour the flash powder in. Do Not compress it or touch it, it needs to be loose and only fill case bout 1/2 way. Static can set it off! Make another end cap as before, glue in as before. Let dry one day.

    Some guys use PVC pipe, caps, and glue. Or 35mm film cans and glue. Do Not use hot wax! PVC can be dangerous as it breaks to sharp shards. Wear glasses!

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    Even a ping pong ball filled about 1/4 way makes a lively Crack


    Light, get away . Bang!. Don't sue me, YA implies no liabilities. No firecracker over 5 grains* in powder is legal anywhere in US by federal law, so only fire on 4th or new years, with lots of other people also shooting. Cops too busy busting drunks to bother with you.

    If you want more FP, you can get it on Ebay or above webs. It is aluminum powder and sodium ch lo rate.

    Be Careful with butane lighters I had a friend who lit a trail of alcohol, it set lighter on fire, it blew off his finger! If you simply throw one in a campfire--Then, RUN-!!-- it will go KaBoom. I have a hole in my aluminum fireplace screen from trying this one new years.

    *7,000 grains/pound. 438 grains/oz. 15 grains/gram.

    Making or possesing 1 or 2 M-80's is only a misd. under local law. Only manufacturing a lot and selling to kids will get any notice from ATF. ATF much too busy with straw purchases and other lies and Waco to bother with every kid that makes one stinkin' M80. So, be Discrete.

    1/4 oz. is 7 grams. Most M80s are 4-5 grams.

    REF: Went to jail over it. Read local and fed. law. An IED is covered under local, not Federal, law. But, if you so much as push a metal thumbtack (any metal) into a firecracker, it is then a WMD and a federal crime. ATF dropped my case, regarded me as being an Enthusiast, not a "T".

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