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Child Abandonment questions? (State of Arkansas)?

My aunt Melanie has gotten remarried. The new husband does not get a long with aunt Melanie's 17 year old son, Jacob, so aunt Melanie leaves him to his dad. When this doesn't work out (the dad gets drunk and beats Jacob) I'm left with a dependent I can not afford, and do not have room for since my couch is already taken up by another freeloader and I only have a small apartment. Is this child abandonment? What do I do about this?


#1, He is out of that house, as he is staying with me now.

#2, I work a minimum wage job, an can not afford to feed all of us, pay the rent, electricity, heating, etc, etc. I have basic needs as well. And the kid refuses to get a job, and is trying to sell a certain illegal plant while living under my roof.

Update 2:

Also, he is not my nephew, his mother is my aunt making him my cousin, only two years younger than me.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I would hardly say your 17 year old nephew is a 'freeloader.'

    Who's the other one on your couch? Family?

    I can tell you that if my 17 year old nephew needed a place to be because his parents were abusive flakes, I would find a way to make it work. There would be expectations and boundaries, of course, but unless my nephew was an addict, I'd figure out a way.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    That's child abuse! Why didn't you report him beating him?! Why didn't you get him out of that house! That drunk needs charged and the boy needs a PFA against him.

    Leaving him alone is child neglect. Which also needs reported because it is also illegal.

    Call the police and report it. Prolonged child abuse caused psychiatric and medical problems for children. When he grows up he will be a mess because nobody cared enough to step in.


  • 5 years ago

    WOW, grew to become into he married while yo have been sound asleep mutually? i'm uncertain approximately how long it takes to checklist infant abandonment in case you're even waiting to. you will ought to call your close by clerk of courts or pass to the police station and ask. If he did not sign the start certificates as being his infant then i actually do not think of he and his spouse can get joint custody yet which will additionally ought to pass to court docket. She is in all probability saying that because of the fact in case you get joint custody he won't ought to pay infant help. that's the only ingredient she is in touch approximately because of the fact the can not have sufficient money to take care of their different toddlers. She is in all probability harm that he slept with yet another woman and have been given her pregnant and jealous that the infant is a boy and he or she had females ( she is jealous because of the fact she could not provide him a boy). there's a severe subject her and it needs to get resolved earlier it gets gruesome. the infant is going to get caught in the middle and that i'd hate for that to ensue. the infant is what's maximum severe.

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