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United Airlines Refund Policy?

I originally booked a long flight quite a few months ago, and I am now unable to go on this trip due to personal reasons. When I went to their refund policy on their website it states ( that I just need to fill out this form. Does that mean that its guaranteed? My flight is on Tuesday.


I'm not sure if my flight is refundable or nonrefundable... it doesn't say. there was only 1 price for the ticket off their website.

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    The "fare class" of your ticket may contain the key. See this chart: Most economy Y fares are fully refundable. Some economy Q class fares are too. The terms and conditions are carefully associated with your ticket. General guidance won't help you get the correct answer.

    Even if the flight is fully booked, they will be unwilling to refund a refundable ticket. In that respect, a low fare is a bit like a lottery ticket—you can be sure how much it costs, but you can't be sure if it will be a winner.

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    I don't know why they even have that form. My experience is that they simply do not give refunds. they will give you a credit to use within a year for another flight, minus a fee of $150.00 they will have some excuse for not giving a refund.

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