How can i Block Google Play Store?

Hello I have a netgear router WNDR3400 and i would like to know what ports do i need in order to successfully block the Google Play Store ?

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    How to Block Google Play / Android Market from Inappropriate Downloads ?

    Take your device and launch Google Play on it.

    Step2-Then, tap on “Menu” and then on “Settings”.

    Step3-In the menu now displayed choose the “Content filtering” option. Now you will be able to set content filtering level to restrict app which can be downloaded.

    Step4-There are four ratings: “Everyone”, “Low maturity”, “Medium maturity” and “High maturity”. Choose the one that you find appropriate for your needs.

    Step5-When done, tap “OK”.

    Step-6But, this is not enough as anyone can do what you did and can uncheck what you choose. So you might want to set a PIN code.

    Step7-If you choose to set a password, when you are buying any application you would be asked to provide the PIN, meaning that only you can get the apps from now on.

    Step8-The Set Pin option is located right below the “Content filtering” one.

    Step9-Tap on it and choose the PIN you want to set.

    Step-10Tap on “Ok”.

    Step11-Retype the PIN for confirming the operation.

    Step12-If you want to unlock these settings you need to reboot the device and redo the steps from above; in the end you will have the “Unlock Settings” option available.

    Step13-That’s it.

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    Block Google Play Store

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    Did you ever find out how to set your router?

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