How do I buy a domain name from eBay?

I want to buy a domain name from eBay and then sell it on another website, like Flippa....But if I buy a domain name from eBay, how do I know or prove that I own it? Like after I purchase it, what will I get stating I have rights to say the domain name is mine? I just don't understand.

And also, if anyone knows about domain flipping and how it works in more detail, I would like to understand. I know a little but don't fully comprehend if when the website expires if all the website is gone if you switch website hosts or what. Thanks :)

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    When you buy a domain off eBay it will be tranfered to your registrar account. You'll need to have an account at the same registrar for easy and free transfer. GoDaddy is the most popular along with NameCheap and Name the next favorites. If it's not the same registrar then transfer is more difficult and will cost you more money.

    Proof of ownership can be a screen shot of your registrar account or if there's a website on the domain you can usually just upload a verification file so automated systems can confirm the file exists.

    When you have a domain you can renew the registration for a year at a time, up to a maximum of 10 years in one go. If you don't renew it it will expire and you'll lose it, so someone else can buy it then. Obviously any website you've made will also be gone. You usually get emails from the registrar a few weeks before any payment is due so make sure your contact details are always up to date. Registration cost roughly $10 a year as does renewal per year, depending on whether it's .com, .us, .me or whatever, they vary. You really only actually 'rent' the name so have to pay yearly to keep it.

    You will need to have webhosting before you make a website (in case you didn't know) and the webhost will send you details of the nameservers to set your domain to in the registrars domain settings page, there's usually two nameservers to set, ns1 + ns2. You'll also have login details for cpanel and ftp. Then you log into your hosting account and install wordpress using one click installs, it's easy. Make your site the best you can with themes and plugins etc. and some content, write your own or use PLR articles. Then you can attempt to sell it. Or put advertising on it and make money that way, google adsense is good for that, but you do need visitors to make money. A good average would be $1-$2 dollars ad revenue for every 1000 or so visitors, doing better involves ad placement and SEO work, best learned by reading up on it and doing it (the practice).

    Hosting costs from $1 a month to $10 a month, depending on your needs. For a start up site the dollar a month will do, a busy site will need $5-$10 a month. If you're the next Facebook or Twitter then you'll pay thousands a month for servers and technicians but I'd cross that bridge when you come to it. Free hosting is also available but you get what you pay for. How important is your site?

    If you change webhosts then you just copy the files and database from your old hosting, change nameservers to the new host and upload the files with filezilla (ftp) and the database with phpmysql (in cpanel).

    If you're still with me so far, you can sell your website anywhere you like, even back on eBay, or Flippa, but for it to have any real value it needs to have proven income (adsense?) else it's not worth much more than the reg fee. Websites sell for 12 to 24 times monthly income usually but without any revenue don't expect to get much money back.

    I know it seems like a good idea but it involves a lot of work and a steep learning curve if you're new to it, however we all have to start somewhere and practice makes perfect :)

    I wish you luck, friend.

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    Someone with the right intentions and know-how may well be able to make their money back on those domains. It doesn't happen every day though.

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