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I was just given a 1999 white infinti. it needs some work done?

Such as a tire rod, oil change and air conditioner fixed. In ur opinion is it worth having the rust removed and or paint job , and hub caps replaced . I just wanna know is it worth investing. The car has low miles . It's in pretty good shape

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Hub caps, you can buy a full set for $15 at Walmart. Go for it.

    Tie Rod (No such thing as a tire rod, I'm assuming you mean Tie) isn't too bad, they have problems quite often and shouldn't be very expensive to repair/replace.

    Rust and paint, that can get pricey, I wouldn't bother with it myself, maybe sand off the rust and put some touch up paint on it, but I wouldn't get a professional job.

    Oil change, it's regular car maintenance. Shouldn't be a problem, not too expensive.

    Air conditioner, don't bother. Expensive repair for what sounds like a beaten up car if it's rusting. Not worth it.

    As a car enthusiast, these are what I would be willing to do on a 1999 vehicle. Hope this helps!

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