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Pokemon yellow lavender town?

The music is different, the frequenvies are higher i've never heard this before its different from blue. And all the traimets in the tower are ghosts! Even Gary (Blue)! I had yo flee from the ghosts and they were still trainers. Is cubones mother possessing them or something. a trainer will see me in yhe tower, do yhe little chat thing. Tjrn it says a wild ghost appeared, I cant attack and it keeps saying, get out... Get oit. Is this normal?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes it's normal. I played the game. It's supposed to scare you to get out obviously. :)

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  • 8 years ago

    People say this is such scary things, and in conditions it might be true, my old friend died from playing the game, the high frequencies made him addicted to it, there are also rumors of children dying in Japan, search it up, Lavender Town is full of weird crap, but was later on changed, I fear for my life to play the game. Oh yeah I remember the ghosts though, it glitched all over and I was able to catch it. LOL but then I was locked in the towers. I couldn't get out until I restarted the game. After that I couldnt play the cartridge because it kept leading me back to the game i saved, which I already have overwritten. True story no lie. I dont want to play yellow now. The map got effed up when i got in.

    P.S I like to write stories

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  • 4 years ago

    Oi vay the different solutions the place merely destructive... fairly it is what you ought to do in Vermillion to get to Lavendar city. 0. flow to bill's residing house and get the bypass to flow on the SS. Anne a million. flow on the SS. Anne 2. Beat Gary 3. Get shrink from the captain 4. Beat the well-being club chief in that city 5. Get 10 pokemon caught 6. flow up via diglets cave 7. on the different side there's a construction (not the residing house a splash greater south) with a help in there. He delivers flash. 8. practice it to a pokemon 9. flow lower back to Curelean and to the east there's a tree shrink it down and proceed 10. flow interior the rock tunnel 11. once you come out lavendar city is right there

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