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For how long was Sanjay Dutt on drugs?

how long was drug use?

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    He actually experienced with drugs from an early age. In 1982, Sanjay had a hit with Vidhaata. However Sanjay's personal life took a turn for the worse and he began to lead a life filled with booze, parties and drugs. Meanwhile the media too were ruthless and kept printing stories of how his mother Nargis's ill health had worsened due to her son's drug addiction. They also criticised him as an actor. Sanjay already knee deep in depression was further pushed in his drug addiction. His drug addiction began to affect his career too, Sanjay was being considered for the film Hero, but later Subhash Ghai opted not to cast him due to his drug addiction. His father Sunil Dutt decided to intervene and tried his best to pull his son out of the darkness. Sunil Dutt sent Sanjay to a drug rehabilitation centre in America. Sanjay stayed there and recuperated for several months in the rehab centre and through sheer effort kicked off his drug addiction.

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