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What is the name of this playstation 1 game PLZ!!!!?

I can only remember it first being on playstation 1 and there's only one part i remember and have flashbacks of ....theres a man who has glowing white eyes nothing else just white light comes from his eyes and he wears a bandanna and he has black hair and i think i remember him having wings and that you could glide a bit with him and there was this hole thing like in the movie 300 where leonidis kicks the persians down in and there were weapons (medievil) spears and stuff and big vases you could grrab and throw on these weird monster things and i also remember him being able to swim i think forever (able to hold his breath forever) anyways this is the best description i can possibly give you guys from what i remember it might not be that clear but plz try to know what it is thanks!!!!!

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    Soul Reaver. From the Legacy of Kain series.

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  • 3 years ago

    idk if theres yet another recreation yet theres definately a scene like that in very last myth 8.. zidane replaced into the guy and dagger is the lady sweet hearty song.. definately a very last myth :/ lol

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  • 8 years ago

    are you sure you were not high when you played this game?

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