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Got pulled over without a license or proof of insurance. Lied to the police.?

So basically I used the wrong turning signal in my Dad's car at 4:00 in the morning while turning into a back road and the cops tailgated me the duration of the drive with their lights off. I pulled into my friend's driveway and even though I didn't do anything wrong they asked to see my license, saying I seemed "confused" because I used the wrong turning signal. Anyway, I kind of have a deep-rooted hatred for cops (I won't go into that, because this isn't the political section) and I was really calm about my responses to their questions. When they asked for my license, I just said "Sure, hold on." and looked around in my wallet. I couldn't find it obviously and was just like "Man, you probably won't believe me, but I swear to God I must have left it at the house." He took my information and went back to his car. They were doing the whole good cop-bad cop routine and the next guy was being real nice about things and asked me for my insurance. I looked around (my Dad really did have insurance, but it beats me where the hell it was). I couldn't find it and I told him it was my Dad's car and I had no idea where he kept it. The next cop came back and the "good cop" talked to my friend's Mom, who had come outside. The "bad cop" gave me a little talk and the "good cop" came back and said she had nothing but good things to say about me. The "bad cop" gave me a court date and told me to have my license and proof of insurance with me next time and told me to drive home. So I did. I told my parents, and of course they were furious, but that's nothing new. I live in Tennessee, by the way.

So my question is, if I get my license and insurance before my court date, will I be able to "get around the system" so to speak and get a much smaller fee/penalty, since I got away with lying, or will they look into the date I got my license/insurance compared to the date of the citation? I would like some real, unbiased answers. Thanks.


@Ramon: Well, we have one thing in common. We both think each other's views of reality are foolish. And you didn't answer my question.

Update 2:

Also, I don't want anyone to think I don't regret what I did. It was a terrible decision and I do in fact deeply regret it. But the fact of the matter is, I got away with lying for now, so if I can take advantage of the situation I would like to. I don't plan on driving without my license or proof of insurance again.

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    Anytime an officer pulls you over, they always ask for your license, registration and proof of insurance,,,,,ALWAYS.

    At 4am, most officers are looking for people who might be DUI. If you use the wrong turn signals, then they could guess that you might be "impaired", so the reason to pull you over.

    Most people keep their insurance card in the glove compartment with the registration.

    The question is, do you have a valid drivers license and is the car insured? If so, then when you show up for court, you present "proof" of both and most likely could get a reduced fine or pay nothing if the Judge is in a good mood.

    But I guarantee you, if you did not have a license on the date of your ticket, or if the car was not insured, then you will pay a heavy fine and could prevent you from getting a license in the future. And yes, the Judge will look at the dates and also the date on the ticket, since that will be the 1st thing they will do, since this most likely happens all the time that people lie, so it is YOUR job to prove you just could not find it on that night.

    good luck

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    Do you have a driver's license? Did you have a valid driver's license when you were stopped (just not with you)? If you are saying you never had a license and can you go apply for one and get away with it, then you are really screwed. You think the judge won't look at the date of issue? Right.

    Once they discover you never had a license and you were driving around at 4 a.m., you will be looking at a suspended license for a while. You didn't say how old you are. If you are a teen, you won't be driving for awhile.

    And the police had every right to pull you over. Good drivers don't "confuse" left and right turn-signals. Someone who does that at 4 a.m. is likely to be driving impaired.

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    You didn't have a license or insurance at the time you were stopped by the police. That is what matters here. You lied to a police officer. Getting a license and insurance certainly won't hurt, but it may not help you in court.

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    They will notice the dates but they will go a lot easier on you if you walk into court with a license and proof of insurance. It will show them you took it seriously.

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    Just pass to courtroom, plea responsible, and pay the coverage price tag, the pass judgement on isn't going so as to add any new expenditures until you open your mouth and permit him realize that whatever is up. An coverage price tag does now not depend in opposition to your riding list. Just reply the mans questions truthfully, pay your dues, and get on along with your lifestyles.

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