Sadly, must we now declare the Supreme Court of the United States to be unconstitutional?

The arguments were it was permissible under the Commerce clause, and it was permissible to institute a completely new form of taxation. Remember, the 16'th amendment had to be ratified before the Income tax was enacted.

5 out of 9 Justices think the Commerce clause doesn't apply

8 out of 9 Justices believe taxation to cover Obama care is unconstitutional.

Yet it passed - Go figure


Seriously, people, please omit your silly comments about home-schooling. You are embarrassing yourselves.

@ isis051 - Republicans have stopped to think. Handing the Federal government new ways to tax and power over 1/5 of the economy, plus handing corrupt government officials (The Obama Administration) all out medical information (what they pay for, they have access to) Is extremely scary. If John Roberts ruled the way he did out of some misguided attempt to help republicans he was simply dead solid wrong. This is a national issue. He had a duty to the American Citizen not to help unleash that unconstitutional pit bull. .

1) . Who cares if John Roberts helps the Democrats or the Republicans? This monstrously large and intrusive bill will harm America. The taxes to pay for it will devastate an already tanked economy.

2) By clearly denoting the fine as a “tax” instead of a commerce clause matter from the bench. Roberts pitted Americans against each other for eternity. republicans wi

Update 2:

Continuation @ isis051: will work against it and repeal it each time they gain power and Democrats will pass it when they gain power. It solved nothing. Democrats are as much pawns of Wall Street as Republicans are. Obama has lulled private insurance companies into a false sense of security. He will increase regulations and undercut their prices till they are bankrupt and Obama care is the only real option. Business will opt for single payer rather than face an ever increasing drain on their financial well being. At least you agree the insurance companies are pawns and are about to suffer severe economic hardship. The point is (Why is it so hard for progressives to look at the probable long term outcomes of their actions) There are only 2 ways to cut medical costs. Decrease pay, decrease services. Rationing health care isn't going to happen because liberals believe they have to stop all human suffering, and Americans have the best medical coverage in the world already and have bec

Update 3:

More @ isis051 - already and have become used to it. Doctors and Nurses won't take pay cuts. believe me Can you say "Unions?" Practice that word a few times. Even the CBO is now predicting trillions of dollars in cost overruns. Lawyers have just been given another cash cow. With rationing and under-staffing of hospitals there will be more medical malpractice. Count on it. No one is denied medical coverage now, but under Obama care there will be millions still not covered. Look it up if you don't believe me.

Update 4:

@ Winona - Clearly, in the Constitution, there are no provisions for disbarring Justices for wrong and stupid decisions. Even if he was disbarred, Guess who would be choosing the next Justice. (Heaven forbid!) The devil we know, is better than the devil we don't know, and Roberts is only the 5th worst Supreme Court Justice now sitting.

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  • 7 years ago
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    The Supreme Court is NOT unconstitutional.

    It is Formed by the Constitution.

    Some of the Members of the Supreme Court do not uphold the Constitution and some of their decisions negate the principles of the Constitution so those decisions are in themselves unconstitutional. Therefore those guilty members should be considered to be in violation of their Oaths of Office and should be Impeached.

    In some cases, they may be considered to be Traitors and dealt with accordingly.

  • 7 years ago

    When the supreme court rules in our favor it is natural to want to celebrate.

    If you examine this weeks Supreme Court decision it's obvious that the powers of the State just got a little bigger, and consequently the individual a little smaller.

    Democrats should be mindful of the fact that the new powers assumed by the Federal government will also be available to future administrations, including Republican ones.

    Democrats didn't win this week. Republicans didn't lose.

    We all lost and are a little less free because of it.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    If they ever stopped to think, people wouldn't be Republicans. Republicans who think Obamacare is scary should be thanking Roberts, but their party leads them by fear and smear, so most Republicans won’t stop to figure this out. Why do you think John Roberts ruled as he did? It was a clever, calculated move.

    1) Had Roberts ruled in favor of the Republicans, it would have energized the Democrats right before an election. Instead, his ruling energized the Republicans.

    2) By clearly denoting the fine as a “tax” instead of a commerce clause matter from the bench, Roberts opened an avenue for the Republicans to be able to overturn it. Only a simple majority is needed in Congress to change taxes. Revenue bills cannot be filibustered.

    Remember, Republicans are the pawns of Wall Street, so how do the insurance companies feel about Obamacare? They don’t mind the pre-existing thing and caps deal and all the other little provisions, as long as they get 30 million new customers’ premiums to offset the losses. What they don’t like is that in four years the states can kick them out and replace them with single payer. That will be the death of their industry and they know it.

    Point is, Obamacare will cut insurance costs (just as it’s done in Massachusetts) and save the lives of millions of Americans, but those on the right haven’t figured that out either. They’re always voting against their own best interests.


  • Here we clearly see that Democrats don't believe government should operate within the constitution. Normally there would have to be an amendement in order for it to take on additional powers which the constitution doesn't grant it.

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  • 7 years ago

    Corrupt and evil are two words that come to mind right now.

    We need to work in disbarring?

    Romney 2012.

  • Golfer
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    I think you are wrong the court proved they are unconstitutional and progressive.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    if we give Republicans a veto proof majority in both houses AND the Presidency John Roberts can pound sand!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    so every time one side doesn't agree with the supreme courts decision the court should be declared unconstitutional. good thinkin. guess that's why you'll never be on the supreme court.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    i agreed but nothing you can do is the word of highest decreed of law

  • 7 years ago

    People let their minds be thought and made by other people, people have become to lazy to think.

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