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? asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago



1. I hope all the precautions against air pollution,--------suggested by the local government, will be seriously considered here.空格處答案是as,請問可以用since嗎?

2.-----------------for the timely investment from the general public, our company would not be so thriving as it is. 空格處答案是Had it not been,請問為何不是Were it not

3. Greater efforts to increase agriculture production must be made if food shortage --------------avoided. 空格處答案是is to be,請問為何不是can be

4. I could do nothing but stand ---------I did.空格處答案是which,請問為何不是what

5.The membership card authorizes -------------------the club's sports facilities for a period of 6 months. 空格處答案是 the holder using,請問為何不是the holder to use.


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    1. ,as (which were) suggested by the local government, 像被當地政府所建議的一樣; ,since (which were) suggested by the local government, 自從被當地政府建議以來, 和語意不合, 而且用since的話, 主要子句須用現在完成式表達.

    2. 用過去完成式的意思, 在表達此一動作先於另一動作. 此句主要在表達先有及時的投資, 才有後來的生意興隆, 而且用倒裝句的時候, 已經省略了"if" 這個可以表達因果關係及先後順序的連接詞, 時態的正確運用便顯得更加重要了.

    3. can be avoided是可能被避免或可以被避免的意思, 和語意不合, 而is to be avoided是"要被避免"的意思, 含有目的性的一種用法, 才能符合該語意.

    4. 不知你是否看錯答案了?stand what I did = stand the thing which I did (堅持我所做的事情), 關係代名詞which前面須有個名詞作為它的先行詞, stand是動詞,所以只能接what囉! Do you know what I mean?

    5. 應該也是看錯答案了吧? authorize sb. to do sth. 才對呀! 後面一定要接動名詞的動詞有: avoid, enjoy, mind, finish, complete, go on, keep (on), give up,

    practice, miss, be used to, cannot help, feel like, be worth, be busy (in), waste,

    have fun, have trouble, have a good time, quit, .....,etc. 其中並沒有authorize.

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    Kelly 好棒~ ^_^ (推)

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    贊同Kelly的解答! +1

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