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I need help on japanese name for my guys on my anime show?

I have tatsuya which like it cool. But i need five more boy name. See on my anime show it's about a girl when her mom dies.any way the goes on when she move and goes to the same school as my guys are a big boy band that everbody loves.but she think there jerks and just care about only them . But the five them are any thing like it. Well one is on the show he has new girl with him each episode.but the five are not.any way till more next time i just need name:)

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    I'll give a bunch of names well heres a list:












    You can just choose if you want

    Hope ya like I love anime its a nice way to escape life ^-* <3

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    Tsubasa Nagayo, Itsuki , Nemata, Oshiri, Kai, Kaname, Yuuki, Jiro, kenji, kenshi, Kagema,

    Theres some for ya! ;)

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    ought to be Inuyasha. He had the hair and the extensive sword, even though it did no longer exchange shape. As I bear in mind, it had a means talked approximately as the Wind Scar, although what it easily did is all people's guess. additionally, he traveled with a jap lady.

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    Ushio, takumi, kaoru, tsubaki, and tomoyo

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