Magic Mike????? Movie Review?

Hello, me and my other guy friends have decided to go see Magic Mike with ourselves. Will we like it, or is it a waste of money. I get really hot when I see other girls watching other guys strip... and so do my friends. So we can't wait to see it!!! What is the movie like? Will we enjoy the graphic nudity? Or is it only a girl movie? We all have like 43 packs so we won't get jealous. Thanks!!

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    9 years ago
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    I saw it this weekend with my 13-16 daughters and their friends. it was a very funny movie! They learned a few lessons on what NOT too do in life(: it was a little more inapropriate than i thought it would be and the 7 kids i had with me shut their eyes a lot! it's a great movie though! I saw plenty of guys there! It's a laugh out loud comedy with cute surprising touching love story. I really enjoyed it! I even laughed at how they make matthew mc. the gross greasy oily guy! All I can say is this: I think you'd enjoy it!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    43 packs? Really? I have never heard of a group of guys wanting to see a movie about male strippers. Obviously it's directed toward a female audience but if you want to have a bro-date and see, by all means do so. I don't discriminate.

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