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How to become a bounty hunter like Dog Chapman?

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    Bounty hunters--professionally known as fugitive recovery or bond enforcement agents-- track down fugitives who didn't show up in court in exchange for a percentage (usually 10%) of the bail amount. While this can be a lucrative pursuit (an experienced bounty hunter can earn anywhere from $50,000 to $80,000 annually, it's also a dangerous one. If you're considering becoming a bounty hunter, here's an overview of what you need to do. Since the laws vary and experience is key, consider this a starting point rather than a comprehensive guide.

    Check the laws in your country. In the U.S., bounty hunting is backed up by the 1872 Supreme Court case Taylor v. Taintor, but regulations vary from state to state. You might need to undergo a background check or wear clothing identifying you as a bounty hunter. You might also need a permit in order to carry firearms.The professional organization representing this industry is the National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents

    Understand the risks involved. Every fugitive is considered armed and dangerous, and in some states, you might not be able to carry firearms. There's also the chance that the fugitive may seek revenge after you turn them in, whether they are convicted or not. At the same time, consider that most violent criminals don't get out on bail, and most fugitives who are caught by bounty hunters don't put up much of a fight

    Sharpen your investigative skills. To find someone who's running from the law, you need to know how to:

    detect lies

    skip trace


    access and analyze phone records

    dig into a person's past

    interview friends and family

    ...and do whatever it takes to find the fugitive

    Train for safe apprehension and surrender of the fugitive. Military, law enforcement, and/or self defense training will be critical in your ability to do your job as safely as possible.

    Obtain clients. Contact a bail bond agency (bondsman) and offer your services. As a bounty hunter, you are self-employed and like any self-employed professional, you must advertise and market your services. If you get an assignment, get a copy of the "bail piece" (which indicates that the person is a fugitive) and, if it's required in your state, a certified copy of the bond so that if you find the fugitive, you can arrest him or her. You will also need a power-of-attorney, which gives you the authority to arrest the fugitive on behalf of the bail bondsman.

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