is ciro egypt safe place to visit or live?

im a widow and would like to go to egypt but don't know how safe it is...may want to retire there i hear the money exchange is good for the cost of living.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I lived in Cairo for a few yrs and really loved it

    I still visit 3-4 times every yr now but I do want

    to go back and live there again which I am planning

    to do again within the next year. I felt very safe

    and still do when in Cairo.

    I did visit Egypt about 15 times before I had decided

    to move there. If you haven't visited yet then I suggest

    you go and see how you feel about the place.

    The Egyptian people are so helpful...yes there are some

    bad one's but no more than in every other country.

    Even with the present politic situation it is still safe

    common sense tells you to stay away from the areas

    where the protests are being held but on the whole

    no major problems that will affect you.

    Yes, the way of life is fantastic (and good weather too)

    The cost of living is cheaper than either Europe or the Americas

    Good luck on your new adventure

    and believe me Egypt is a wonderful adventure

    If you need more info you are welcome to message me through Yahoo!answers

    Source(s): English femail who often travels alone (especially Egypt)
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  • 8 years ago

    -It's Reasonably "Safe" to visit, just now... But You might want to Consider doing That- FIRST, before You decide on Retiring There... .. .

    Source(s): Their "Politics"- may NOT- be Yours...
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  • ?
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    3 years ago

    My husband and that i spent 3 weeks in Egypt final November vacationing from Cairo to Abu Simbel. It replaced into some thing we had consistently had to do, and that i'm happy we did it. we've been around the area, and this might definitely rank up in our authentic 2 or 3 journeys. we are experienced travelers and that i did no longer think of i might have a undertaking. maximum of our holiday replaced into undertaking unfastened, yet we did have a pair of incidents that stood out. On our 2nd day there, we've been on the pyramids at Giza and my husband replaced into photographing them at the same time as our driving force and instruction manual have been in the vehicle. i replaced into approached by utilising a team of youthful adult adult males who asked the place i replaced into from. on the start it replaced into friendly, yet without delay they surrounded me and beginning making offensive 9/11 comments. one in each of them tried to stop the offenders, yet nonetheless it replaced into intimidating and had my husband no longer walked in direction of me i'm not sure the place it would have long gone. We quickly found out that our courses instructed everybody we've been British or Australian and we observed in good condition. The touts are additionally notoriously aggressive. The Egyptian government tries very annoying to regulate terrorism and there is secure practices (and weapons) everywhere. as quickly as we've been given removed from the touts, the Egyptian people have been very welcoming. I nonetheless bear in mind on our final day there, college toddlers on the Egyptian Museum who accumulated around us asking questions and having their photograph taken. common, i might say Egypt is secure to return and forth to, yet you will ought to have a instruction manual and own automobile or bypass on an organised excursion. Be vigilent approximately your secure practices and you have got a brilliant experience.

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  • Joe L
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    8 years ago

    Cairo is like any other City, it has nice places and bad places. You're real question should be, "Are Egyptians nice people to live with?"

    That I don't know.

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  • 8 years ago


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  • 8 years ago

    yes it's very safe and it's cheap also

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  • 8 years ago

    perfectly safe

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