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What do I write in my autobiography?

I need to write an autobiography for high school entrance exams about my accomplishments but I don't know what to write about? I've gotten honor roll every year for 4 years, i did mock trial, i have taken an art class, but I don't know how to make this into a 3-4 page autobiography! Please help! Thanks in advance:)

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  • 8 years ago
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    I don't see how any of us can help you write YOUR autobiography. It's supposed to be about YOUR life. Nobody knows more about your life than *you*. How can total strangers help with that?

    C'mon, just because this assignment is a challenge doesn't mean you give up before you even try. Writing an autobiography isn't easy; it wasn't meant to be easy. But surely you've done more than 3-4 pages of living so far!

    This assignment wants you to think & use your mind. Find a place to be alone, turn off all the electronic devices, and think! Do the work. Write or type it all down. Start with the memories of your preschool years. Then kindergarten, elementary school, in & out of the classroom. Then progress to your present years. Write what is important to YOU. Give details why it was important. By this time you should have more than enough information for your paper.

    Then construct an outline. You can go chronologically, or by category (academics, sports, work, humanitarian deeds, etc). Once you have your outline, fill in the details. Show some enthusiasm! Put together a rough draft.

    Then edit & revise the rough draft, polish it up, and type up the final draft. It's done, it's done well, it was hard work, but you know you've done a good job, and you're proud of it.

    The hardest part can be just getting started. So don't put it off. Once you get the ball rolling, it should get easier. Start today. Best wishes.

    Source(s): Former teacher.
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  • 4 years ago

    i might in all probability in no way write an autobiography only via fact i've got no longer extremely finished something properly worth writing approximately. i'm an straightforward and time-honored guy or woman who hasn't finished something spectacular that anybody might have an interest in. I doubt all people may be harm by utilising something I had to declare. i think if I have been to offer my opinion on each guy or woman i might ever met, i will no longer be able to think of each thing I had to declare may be reliable, so in line with risk somebody ought to probable be offended. yet I have no purpose of ever writing or publishing an autobiography. I save diaries/journals, and that's very probable the closest i'm going to ever get. i think of writing an autobiography may be annoying via fact i might desire to bypass each and all the aspects i do no longer desire people to properly known approximately, and if so, it quite is not likely authentic anymore.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    im already in middle school but lets see if this still heps

    all you need to know for your autobiografy is writing about yourself A.K.A expressing what you like what you want to do in your future etc. etc. thats all i got hope it helps you :)

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