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Is Long boarding Easy to Learn!???!help!!!! 10 POINTS!!!!?

Hi im 13 and i want to start long boarding. is it easy to learn? how would i learn how to long board? thx!

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    Yeah dude it's fun as hell. Look up cross stepping and practice it. It will help your ballance. Also don't get a strictly downhill board or anything that says loaded on it. Look up sector 9 eye dropper. It's both. Also get it in hreen. It has better grip. Also no randall or bear trucks. Get paris or calibers. Ppl say bears are the best, but they lie. Also, no orangatang wheels, they suck! Get abec 11 flashbacks 81a or 84a, or metro motions blue or red. For bearings, get bones swiss, super swiss or superswiss 6, they will make you fly.

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  • minnie sow tah, eh? Just stick to snow boarding! LOL just kidding, have fun kid.

    Is that like a sip of cola? Mini Soda?

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    It depends on how balanced you are. I picked it up easily, but my friends dont.

    *As to your other question. They Apex 40 is flexy and way overpriced. That is why I did not include it.

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