Chance of getting into U of M Ann Arbor. **************************?

Chance of getting into U of M Ann Arbor?

Hey I was wondering if my chances of getting accepted in to Ann Arbor were high?

Im a in-state resident.

ACT-27 Im gonna retake it, my goal is a 31

GPA unweighted-3.917

GPA weighted- 4.1


I'm in DCMST, a magnet school for students advanced in Math, Science and Technology

AP classes taken- 8 total

Sophmore year

AP History (5),

Junior Year

AP Biology (?), AP Language and Composition (?), AP Government (?), AP MacroEconomics,

Senior Year

AP Chemistry, AP Literature, AP Statitstics

Dual Enrollment

PreCalc, and i have finished Calc 1+2 before my senior year

Im taking Intro to Logic, Intro Anthropology, Political Science, and Intro to Pych as my senior dual classes.

All my other classes have been honors, and electives such as anatomy, physics, and genetics,

My extracirucclars include

JV Softball

Varsity Softball

Co-Creator and Treasurer of the counties first UNICEF club

An active member of Key Club, NHS, Pre-Med club, Enviormental Club, Do Something Club, and the Writing Center.

Tutoring in math and science

Volunteering at the local hospital

Volunteering at an elementary school

Participated in DCMST science fair, won third place in Biology

ISEF competition- honorable mention

I have over 150+ hours

Key Clubber of the month

Student Council

Theres plenty more but i cant remember. lol

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    As of now I would say 40-60

    Get your ACT up to at least a 29 and apply early 70-30

    Also, check out the website below...they base your chances on previous admits.

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  • 8 years ago

    You sound a lot like me =P I wanted to know all my chances for different colleges, and what major they have, and things about the specific college so I use collegeprowler . com (without the spaces). Since your profile seems pretty close to mine, and I've looked at my chances of getting into U of M- Ann Arbor, I'd say you have an 80% chance apx. College prowler could tell you more accurately though. =) Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Good job! You have very good chances to get into the U of M !!!!!

    Just to be clear what is your SAT..?

    Only if you can get 31 in the ACT test !

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