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Should I do with the learning English?

I am Vietnamese people in my school I have to learn English, I want to learn english well and now I learn english very poor I want to ask about way to learn English. Should I do?

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    Don't worry, most Viets I know learned English very well and only need a few minor adjustments to enhance their progress. The biggest problem I have seen is in the translation because there are no prefixes or suffixes in the Viet Languages, with Vietnamese everything comes from a one syllable word. Example: di go, lam= work

    di lam, go to work

    Toi di lam= I go to work

    da is a past tense marker; Toi da di lam= I already went to work

    dang is a progressive marker= Toi dang di lam= I already went to work

    se, future marker= Toi se di lam= I will go to work

    Now most the Viets I know translate accurately, Viet does not use any forms like- ed, ing, and the plural- s, es and so forth which makes it a little difficult to distinguish. Now relax for a second , are some other examples: Toi thay man( the exact translation is ; I taste salted but in English it would be said as ( It taste salted.)

    also, Toi thay mo= exact translation is Tomorrow then good but in English it is said (Tomorrow is good then)

    Anh ten la gi?=exact translation is You name is what? ( in E it is What is your name?)

    Ba ay lam gi?=She does what? But in E it is, What does she do

    So, you are translating exactly, word for word, which is correct in Vietnamese and is understandable in English but is vary basic. Here is another example to try to distinguish the differences;

    Mai; Chau anh.

    Tom: Chau co.

    Mai: Xin loi anh ten gi?

    Tom: Da, toi ten Tom Williams. Con co ten gi?

    Mai: Da, toi ten Mai.

    Tom: Han hanh duoc gap co.

    Mai:Toi cung rat han hanh duoc biet anh.

    M: Hi! ( to Tom)

    T: Hi! ( to Mai- a girl)

    M: Excuse me, what`s your name?

    T: My name is Tom Williams. And what is your name?

    M: My name is Mai.

    T: pleased to know you.

    M: I am pleased to know you too....

    Now,a quick way to develope and understanding of E word usages and to apply a proper translation is to write letters and let a friend correct them for you and explain the hows and whys of the words you lack or misuse. I know this because I have done this a few times with VN people I have helped. It is simple, you writes letters ( email) and the other person points out the mistakes, corrects them and give simple examples. You will catch on to this quickly. Do you understand? I am willing to help you but you must realize the time differances, as I work and I am about 15 hours behind you, so if you wrote letters I could correct them but it would be about 24 hours after you sent them. I have done this before with good results so it is up to you. Don`t worry, Vietnamese are smart so you will do well.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    My name is Marc, an English Teacher from Canada but currently working and living in the eternal city of Rome. If you are interested in learning English the easy way, subscribe to my channel and LIKE me also on FB

    Have a great day !

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    watching TV (English programs) to know what is "standard"/"everyday"/"real world" compared to formal English taught at school, looking at specific grammar pattern and trying to apply, thinking entirely in English (of course, in good English, not broken English), reading books (novel and stuffs), reading newspapers, etc.

    I'm not really good at learning languages but, by doing those, I managed to speak intermediate level English within a (school) year. Vietnamese is pretty similar to English in terms of sentence structure. Noticing that, you should be fine. That's why Vietnamese generally speak good English (albeit maybe not with the best accent) despite having little exposure to the language/culture.

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  • Bill
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    8 years ago

    Go to an English-speaking country or talk in English only.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


    Rosetta Stone

    (Look up on Google "ways to learn English")

    Hope this helps good luck :D

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  • Quinn
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    8 years ago

    Make friends with someone who speaks english as a first language, they can help correct your grammar and spelling.

    Watch lots of english TV shows.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I wouldn't ever think I'd have to give this advice to someone but .... Watch television and lots of it, they talk like americans do in real life And after that learn grammar get workbooks and buy a dictionary/ thesaurus and an online translator

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  • 8 years ago

    You can try the BBC Beginners website via Google free of cost for English and do their interactive exercises.....Good luck and happy learning!

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