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Anonymous asked in SportsTennis · 9 years ago

do you also like tennis commentator tim henman?

just watching wimbledon on 2, delayed play due to rainy weather and tim is commentating to sue barker with lindsay devenport about the last couple of days play.....on the nadal match with lucos of course.

i think henman is a truthful, well spoken classy guy, also very sophisticated, i really like his approach to tennis and the players...he gives accurate observations.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    He's improving - which means just as he was on Court, he's being more 'aggressive' (how I HATE that description of anything to do with tennis, which Tim uses all the time!!) and not sitting on the fence as much as he has in the past. Previously he just seemed to be so PC that it was painful. Well he should be able to comment giving accurate observations.

    Personally I prefer Greg and Boris - and even McEnroe much as he can be very patronising at times, especially re Murray lol.

  • Tishu
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    yes like him

    funny guy

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    They are eeerie sounding robots.

  • 9 years ago

    i think he is great and really funny

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