Winners and Losers of 2012 NBA Draft?


Houston Rockets

New Orleans Hornets

Golden State Warriors

Sacramento Kings


Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Bobcats. LOL)

Indiana Pacers

Perry Jones III

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    Wizards: Beal and Wall will complete each other so well. Beal is a can shoot lights out and Wall can penetrate and dish.

    Kings: TRob+Cousins=Elite young frontcourt. Only the Utah Jazz have a young frontcourt with that much potential.

    Warriors: Think of how much three point shooting is in Golden State's projecting starting lineup next year. Curry, Thompson and Barnes are all great three point shooters. Rush can score off the bench. They just need to trade Dorrell Wright now. I also like the Festus Ezeli pick. He can be a career backup Center. Golden State was inredibly undersized all year. Bogut has injury woes all the time. He is badly needed. Draymond Green knows how to win and is great for Golden State's system.

    Detroit: Drummond at 9 was the dream scenario for Detroit. Monroe can move to the floor. They just became so much more athletic and much more imposing in the frontcourt. Even if he doesn't fulfill his vast potential he can be a decent Center for his whole career. Kim English can shoot lights out and Detroit needs pure shooters.

    76ers: They fit two important needs in the first round. Harkless can back up Iggy at the 3 and he's capable of starting alongside Turner if Iggy is traded. Also they desperate needed an athletic big. Hawes, Brand and Vucevic are all good but they are athletic liabilities in todays NBA. Moultrie fits the bill.

    Celtics: They needed size with Steimsma and Garnett as free agents. Sullinger even with the back problems is a steal at 21. Melo complements him well because Sullinger isn't a great athlete but can score whereas Melo is a very good athlete who is raw offensively.

    Grizzlies: At 25 it's a good time to take a risk on a guy like Wroten. He can play point guard and SG. He has freakish potential. His problems are he's wild and can't shoot. The Grizzlies are a good place to calm him down. They play as a team and he can learn a lot from Tony Allen defensively and Mike Conley as a true point guard.

    Thunder: What a steal. Top ten talent right here. It's not surprising he slipped but it is surprising he slipped this far. what better player to learn about playing as a tall skinny forward than Kevin Durant? This should be fantastic for his development.

    Bulls: How did Teague slip to 29? He is one of the players in the draft with potential to be a borderline all-star. Derek Rose will be injured for a while. Teague will give Chicago something to be excited about while he's gone. And when Rose is back he is a perfect mentor for him.

    Nuggets: They get their international flavor in Fournier to snatch and stash. Miller has a lot of upside and is just more depth for an all ready deep team


    Raptors. I love Terrence Ross but this pick is puzzling. He should be a good pro for a long time but i don't think he's necessarily a top 15 in the draft much less worthy of #8 overall. They would have been better off trading down where they probably could have gotten him anyways. Also why draft Quincy Acy when you are stacked at PF and Center?

    Pacers: Miles Plumlee at this position is inexcusable. I know he performed well at the combine but there is a huge difference between measuring well at a combine and playing at an NBA level. Moultrie and Perry Jones were on he board which makes this a terrible choice.

    Source(s): I follow the draft religiously
  • 1. Golden State: I don't like that Green pick (over kill), but having Harrison Barnes fall into their lap just turned them into an offensive Juggernaut. Their only issue going forward will be defending with an undersized power forward and small p.g. The good news is the NBA no longer has a league full of power forwards that can dominate the paint. The bad news is they are all in the western conference.

    2. Houston: Jeremy Lamb will be a stud that will dominate at the 2 guard position for years to come. The two small forwards should both be decent contributors, it's just a matter of quickly figuring out which one they want and trading the other.

    Losers in a minute

    1. Nets- A garbage roster with no pick until number 57 and they pick a goofball from Turkey.

    2. Charlotte- Really Mike? Drafting a guy that would have problems scoring in a whore house with a pocket full of money? He should've got over his "Air Jordan" ego & traded down to draft Barnes or selected Thomas Robinson at the two.

    3. Detroit- What the hell is Joe D smoking? Larry Brown & his team ball is gone & the pistons need a star not a project with potential. Made a big mistake not taking Jeremy Lamb.

    4. Minnesota- Lol, Trade lottery pick for a small forward and draft a small forward with the first pick in second round. I have no idea what those clowns are attempting to do!

    5. Sacramento- Backcourt that jacks up shots, check. Cousins rightfully complaining about touches and not playing inside out, check. Why the hell would they draft another power forward that needs touches its roster wont provide? This pick is unfair to Robinson & Cousins and calls for a summer trade.

    6. Boston- With Pierce relegated to a 3rd tier small forward that can only thrive off of smaller players he can push around offensively, Garnett nothing more than a jump shooter (I know that's all he has ever been) and Allen moving on, why would they draft another Big Baby when they just traded him to Orlando? Why not let your great coach, alpha players, always present/always demanding past players and the power of Dynasty attempt to place a lightning bolt in the spine of Perry Jones III?


    Forgot Indiana, thanks Jack.

    7. Plumblee-? Really? Do they really think that horrible roster is actually good enough to draft community feel good players? The millions of knowledgeable hoops fans in Indiana will be shaking their head for the next 3 years off that pick.

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    Definitely MKG lol smh poor guy

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