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How dumb are Kobe fans thinking he is better than MJ?

There is no facts that kobe did anything that jordan didnt do

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    When did we say that? Jordan's better than Kobe. Well, nothing against Kobe. He's a great player but Jordan accomplished more than Kobe and was a better passer, rebounder, and played when the league was at its hardess. Kobe's compared to Jordan because of his style of player. Basically, Kobe CAN do the things that Jordan did like dunk over taller players, make impossible shots, carry a team to greatness, and both had the hunger to win championships.

    But personally, Jordan was better.

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    4 years ago

    Truth of the problem is that I might take Lebron. I am certain the entire thumbs down will come from the entire 15 yr historic children that do not recognise some thing approximately the NBA. Forget the stats and the earrings, the sport turns out to come back less complicated to Lebron. Kobe has to drive plenty of his sport and the actual greats have it come somewhat convenient. Kobe takes and makes rough photographs. Lebron is so well he does not have to take rough photographs. He will get the convenient ones with little attempt. Kobe fanatics have to overlook the BS approximately earrings and notice that Kobe had SHAQ the first-rate middle of his new release to support him and Kobe had the talents of coming to an already well workforce as a rookie. Most superstars have the construct from the bottom up and Kobe on no account needed to. Lebron is 24 and a freak of nature. All those humans that say that Lebron has no earrings, blah blah blah is bogus. ninety% of legends wouldn't have championships whilst they're 24. MJ used to be 27 whilst he gained his first of 6. Does that imply MJ isn't the finest? When a participant has the weight of constructing a franchise it takes time. When a participant has the talents that Kobe had with a legend in Shaq and a educate like Phil what influence do you anticipate. Ask your self this question if top Shaq used to be at the Cavs for the final three years might the final three champioships were the Cavs. It alterations your considering does not it. Bottom line is that evaluating stats and earrings is bogus due to the fact they've two completely seperate groups and instances. Look on the each play and appear who affects the sport larger and you'll truly see it's Lebron James. Kobe additionally had the improvement of the triangle offense. Here is an thought for Bryant, quit biting off of Jordan. Same Coach, Same System, Same sort after which probably humans may not examine you and permit KOBE BE KOBE. BTW anybody who thinks Kobe is higher than MJ will have to be taken out again and shot within the face.

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    Very dumb top 5 players in order






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    Never seen a rational Kobe fan make that argument.

    I have, however, seen LeBron fans claim that James is better than MJ.

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  • 9 years ago

    no rational Kobe fan thinks that

    but now that u brought this up

    how dumb are LeBrick fans thinking he is better than Kobe/MJ?

  • Lately I've seen more LeBron fans claim he's better than MJ

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    9 years ago

    He's not,you can't compare the two right now

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    Just like thinking rondo isn't the best PG.

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